Friday, April 29, 2011

Belly Dancing with Sissy

Sissy would like to apologize for her weak effort at posting this morning. She was too busy shaking her money maker last night.

Crazy Good Dragon

Have you seen what Danika is up to today?

She is crazy good with the paint brush. Check it out here.
Her whole blog - Gorgeous Shiny Things - is full of amazing projects. Check it out.
Have great weekend!
xo Sissy

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bat Chair

Can you stand it?
Are these chairs the best or what?? I would love to have these in my home.

You can't always get what you want.
And if you try sometime you find
you get what you need.

Or at least that's what Mick says.
And evidently what I needed was in an old barn covered in bat poop.

The problem? There is only one. Only one dirty, brown, poop chair. And I REALLY need two. So,WWMD? (What would Martha do?) Buy the lonely poop chair and hope another one shows up magically in my near future or walk away?
(It is a good price but needs some TLC. I can't tell you where the barn is until I make my decision. Then I will divulge all my secrets)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sunrust to Sunburst

(MaryBen, this post is for you)
I have been looking for the perfect thing to hang over my bed for years. You know the perfect thing, it's like a boyfriend, you can't find it if you're looking. So I decided to break down and get something, something shiny to keep the wall company until the perfect thing shows up. But I didn't want to spend a lot on the substitute and while at Target I saw a maybe.

A sunburst mirror. I know, I know, who would have thought to hang a sunburst over the bed? You know why you see this in so many bedrooms? Because it looks good. And the price was right, $24.99. But the color wasn't it. It was a rusty, wrought iron color but at $24.99 I wasn't going to give up. Out came the gold paint and a sponge brush and...

Ta da. Shiny, happy, sunny mirror. I wanted it to look a little old and not perfect. It makes me happy.

Lights on...

Lights off.
I have a great vintage pillow coming that I "won" on Ebay. It is coming all the way from Canada and I think the seller is walking it here herself. When it gets here (are they still using the Pony Express?) it will add a great pop of color.

That's all the crafting I have for today.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Pillow Etiquette

The kids went back to school today after a week of Spring Break. There were lots of special moments that I hope they will remember and cherish. Like this...

Me: Guys come here please.
Kids: Yes, sweet mom?
Me: What is this?
Kids: A pillow.
Me: Are you sure?
Kids: (starting to get worried) Yes.
Me: Are you sure it's not a Kleenex?
Kids: Yes.
Me: Then quit wiping your dang noses on it!!!

And this my friends is the reason the pillows in my den are made out of an indoor/outdoor fabric with a hidden zipper for easy washing.

Hope you had a great weekend filled with special moments.

Friday, April 22, 2011

You know how a lot of bloggers post their outfits? Usually because they look so stylish and I love seeing what their wear. Louise from Table Tonic always has on something really cool I would love to have.

Well, this morning when I got dressed Bill said "New outfit?" Nothing like a little sarcasm before 8

O.K. I admit is looks a lot like this outfit... maybe this has become my spring version.
J Crew checked shirt & sweatshirt, bag from Homegoods, Target white jeans from 8 years ago. Yes, I said 8 years ago, and Minnetonka moccassins from 7 years ago. Just proving my theory that if you buy what you love it will be a thing of joy forever. Or until it goes out of style. Plus let me point out that I don't wear this outfit all the time, sometimes I wear the tops with a white skirt and flip flops. Totally different.

So you have a favorite spring outfit/uniform?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

There's Been An Accident

A cleaning accident. No one was hurt, but one of my plates met an untimely death.

I have searched high and low and can't find another one like it. There are no markings on the back, no clues whatsoever. I bought four of them at the Plantation Shop in Charlotte, but they are no longer in business. If you have seen this plate somewhere, give me a shout. It was part of a quartet and they don't really work as a trio.

In other news, Earl has left rehab early. He is in his 60's so I couldn't really force him to stay. He has decided to try his luck at The Eclectic in his current condition. I helped get him set up in his new pad and am hoping for the best. If you get a chance, stop by and see him.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cousin Earl

Do you like this lamp? I do. I think it is super cool (although saying "super cool" probably means I am not.) Please notice the marble base...

You can buy this lamp on 1stdibs for only...$5900. No, I am not kidding. See it here. Who is buying this stuff? Is it you? If so call me, I have something for you, but first I need to mark the price up, way up.

I know it is not exactly the same but I found this lamp's cousin.

Let's call him Earl. Do you see the family resemblance especially around the base? Where the 1stdibs lamp probably lived a pampered life with private schools, maids and chauffeurs, Cousin Earl has led a rough life. Drugs, alcohol, time on the street, none of it would surprise me.

Not to worry. I have rescued Earl from the streets and he is currently in rehab. The next step is to find a family to take him in and give him a good home.
Please pray for Cousin Earl as he starts this new chapter in his life.

Monday, April 18, 2011

A Finished Project...

Pigs must be flying because I finally finished a project. Do you remember this lamp shade?

I blogged about it here and then totally forgot to show you the finished project. Over the weekend Sidney from Eclectic blogged about my lamp shade makeover and I decided I better get busy and take pictures of the after.
A little ribbon trim and I am done!!!
A lot of people asked about the fabric. It is Apsley Vine by Greeff. If you can't live without it, I have 2 yards left that I am selling for $45. Interested? E-mail me:

If you haven't checked out Sidney's blog yet head over and say hey. And while you are there you have got to check out her office is and here. You will be pea green!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dirty Happy Places....

Do you like dirty places or are you more of a fine antique girl?

I think it is something you are born with...

Like eye color or musical talent.

Does your heart beat with joy the junkier and dirtier a place is or do you cringe and reach for hand sanitizer?

Me? The dirtier the better!
And if you live within an hour or two of Wilmington, NC and have a favorite junk store e-mail me: If you share, I'll share!
So what about you? Do you like your stores rough or refined?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's Not My Fault......

My copy of Undecorate by Christiane Lemieux came on Saturday. Since then I have done almost nothing except lay on my bed and pour over the book, again and again.

And let me just say, not any bed but my bed with my fabulous DwellStudio Silhouette duvet and shams in Ocean. Which is only fitting since Christiane is the founder of DwellStudio.

If you like your interiors a little quirky with lots of personality...

This is the book for you!! And me!!

You'll recognize some fellow blogger's homes including A Bloomsbury Life and Gen's Favorite.

So, do you have your copy yet? Try to get your laundry done before you pick it up. Just saying..
And thanks Christiane for all the hours of entertainment!!
xo Sissy

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Weirdest Thing Ever!!

My apologies to my e-mail subscribers. You have probably been getting some old posts. The good new is I am not drunk or crazy. The bad news is my blog has decided to randomly sent out old posts. Isn't that the weirdest thing ever??? It's like my blog has a mind of it's own and is taking over. Scary!! I am so sorry and hope to have the problem fixed ASAP or as soon as Bill will turn off golf and devote his whole day to my problems!!

While we wait can you help me with a little decision?

I'm having pillows made out of this fabric and need to know where to put the zipper. Easy right? Well I have seen the dots going both ways and I can't decide which I like best, the points up and down or side to side. What do you think? My life is full of big decisions isn't it?

And for being so nice here is a pretty picture for you!!

picture from The Decorista

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Problem With My Booth...

...Is that I am having a hard time selling the items I find. I buy them because they appeal to me. Once I dig them out of some dark, dingy warehouse and polish them up I feel attached to them. They are like my dirty, little babies.

For example: how can you not love this guy? He can't even stand up straight. You think he is scary? You should see the place I bought him. I am convinced with a little TLC he can be rehabilitated and will make a perfect addition to Bill's office.

Starburst mirror. Who doesn't need another one of these?
(if you look closely you can see Clay, Cricket and me all in the mirror. I was bending over getting ready to take the picture and they came over to see what I was doing)

Over-sized vintage pewter bamboo salad fork and spoon.
How did I live without these?

And these..well I was going to keep these fabulous Mad Men platinum dot glasses..

Because they are just about perfect in every way and would add a lot of glamour to my life, but then I saw this...

These juice glasses in the same pattern are for sale at Circa Who for $125. That's for 5 juice glasses!!
And Betsy P was in NY this past weekend and saw 8 glasses like mine for $275. So guess who can live without the glasses? Off to the booth they go. And no, they won't be anywhere near $275, this is Wilmington after all, but I have to price them high enough to ease the pain of separation.

And I still haven't decided about these sell or not? That is the question...

What about you?
Have you ever suffered separation anxiety after you let a treasured possession go?

PS Don't worry, there is still plenty of good stuff in the booth!

Monday, April 4, 2011

They're Back...

OK. In truth they never really left. He has just relaxed his standards. After almost 7 months of the same outfit he has branched out (Yes, I let him wear the same dang thing every single day for months and months.Why? Why not? He was happy and it is all about keeping baby happy) Now he does not have to wear his Gobbers all day every day. Just most days in the afternoon.

And the best part? He has added an old hand-me-down Spiderman shirt to his OCD wardrobe. It was in the wash when this picture was taken...New to my blog? Don't know what I am talking about? More info. here, here, and here.

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