Thursday, April 21, 2011

There's Been An Accident

A cleaning accident. No one was hurt, but one of my plates met an untimely death.

I have searched high and low and can't find another one like it. There are no markings on the back, no clues whatsoever. I bought four of them at the Plantation Shop in Charlotte, but they are no longer in business. If you have seen this plate somewhere, give me a shout. It was part of a quartet and they don't really work as a trio.

In other news, Earl has left rehab early. He is in his 60's so I couldn't really force him to stay. He has decided to try his luck at The Eclectic in his current condition. I helped get him set up in his new pad and am hoping for the best. If you get a chance, stop by and see him.


  1. In honor of earth day I think we should do a segment called screw the trees save a lamp. I have one that makes earl look like a billion bucks. This lamp was rough, you should see the after. If there's enough light I might post it today.

  2. Ha, Bri, I love that idea! Sissy, I think Earl is going to make it - I believe there is a better life out there for him just waiting for the right person!

    I'm sorry to say, I have no leads on that plate. It's awfully cute, so I hope you find one. That goes to show, cleaning can be dangerous. That's why I do it very seldomly.

  3. There is Plantation Shop on Amelia Island / Fernandina Beach Florida. I haven't seen the plates there, but calling them might be a lead.

  4. Too funny! Poor Earl.....even a little rough around the edges, he will appeal to that special someone just the same! Hope you track down your HAS to be out there SOMEWHERE!!! What color is the painting on it, just in case? You can never be quite sure on various monitors.


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