Monday, January 30, 2012

DIY and Drugs...

I have a chandelier almost identical to this except it is brown. I know, sad, sad color. I am thinking about giving it some bling and spraying it gold like this fab light...thoughts?

In other lighting news I think I could do this...with a lot of patience and maybe one of Clay's left over ADHD patches. Don't judge, DIY is not always pretty.
pictures here

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

And the Winner is...

Houndstooth and Nail!!

Ingrid has won the adorable gingham checked Overboard dress from
Shabby Apple!!
I know you are going to love it!!

Thanks to everyone who entered!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hey Little Boy

Is it wrong to dress like your 11 year old son?

I got Clay this super cute checked shirt at Target. I know, it looks just like Crewcuts. I liked it so much I went back a few days later and got one for myself. We are very happy together. Doesn't it remind you of the Shabby Apple dress from my giveaway?

I might have also gotten myself a boys flannel shirt.

Next time you are in Target stop by the boy's department. I will probably be there checking out new items for my spring wardrobe.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Love and Not So Much

Thoughts on the Golden Globes

Love, love, love Reece's hair. Just perfect!!

This? Not so much.
Am I the only person in America who did NOT like this dress?
It's all sharp and pointy and pale.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Gingham for You

Are you familiar? If not you are in for a treat!! They have clothing, jewelry, gifts and more. But today we are all about women's dresses. Here are couple I am loving!!

Walk the Plank

Freshwater Pearl

I was lucky enough to be able to pick out my favorite dress for a giveaway for my fabulous readers. And I picked...

Just in time for spring. Can you stand it? Does it get any better than blue and white gingham?

You have 3 chances to win:
1. Follow Shabby Apple on Facebook: Here
2. Follow this blog.
3. Leave a comment and tell me which dress is your favorite.
That's it, easy!
(leave a separate comment for each entry. Contest is for the gingham Overbaord dress only)

And Shabby Apple is offering Blue Hydrangea readers 10% off!!
Enter: bluehydrangea10off" at check out!!
Winner announced Monday January 23

Friday, January 13, 2012

Wicked Good...

I like big checks and I can not lie
(You other brothers can't deny...)

And I hope you do to because I have a killer giveaway next week!!

And my helpful hint of the day: it is cold here today...really cold. May I suggest, Wicked Good Slippers from LL Bean? My favorite Christmas gift this year (keep in mind they were competing with a frying pan). If you are like me, afraid of the cold, this pair of slippers will become your new best friend. They are like a warm hug for your feet.

Happy Weekend!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Around here...

Things are a little messy around here. There was a light I didn't like in our kitchen. Truthfully, there is not much I do like in my 1980's kitchen, but the lights are particularly bad. I told Bill we needed to change the fixtures or at least get a plan. He didn't want to talk about it. 30 minutes later he decided to rip the giant fluorescent fixture out of the ceiling.

Then he started to try and fix it. The hole just got bigger and bigger.

We have now called in professionals. Sigh...

On another note...

I saw this fabulous painting by Ashley Longshore recently and I can't remember where. Have you seen it? It might have been a feature on her home or work, but I have got to find it!! It could have been on a blog or in a magazine. Got any ideas? Do share.

P.S. Cricket wanted me to tell you that Anna Katherine and Davis were the first ones to make duct tape shoes.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Duck Tape DIY

Happy New Year. Trying to get back in the swing...I am taking baby steps. So what's next? How about another DIY? Clay is not the only crafty one around here.

Cricket, and her friend Finch, got hold of some colored duck tape and created...

Shoes!! Aren't they fabulous??!!

Cricket actually wore them yesterday.

I love the colors and the orange and purple shoe laces. Now I want to use them as an accessory on my bookshelf.

Why didn't I think of colored and patterned duct tape?

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