Monday, January 9, 2012

Duck Tape DIY

Happy New Year. Trying to get back in the swing...I am taking baby steps. So what's next? How about another DIY? Clay is not the only crafty one around here.

Cricket, and her friend Finch, got hold of some colored duck tape and created...

Shoes!! Aren't they fabulous??!!

Cricket actually wore them yesterday.

I love the colors and the orange and purple shoe laces. Now I want to use them as an accessory on my bookshelf.

Why didn't I think of colored and patterned duct tape?


  1. Now that is rocking some duct tape. How fun!

  2. these are THE BEST. My son made a duct tape wallet and used it for years until it absolutely fell apart. we were in mourning for weeks. totally love these - you'll want to keep them forever.

  3. How creative is your daughter?!

  4. Very cool, Cricket. My daughter loves the colored duct tape, but so far has only made flowers out of it. I'll have to show her the shoes. I feel a project coming on! Happy New Year!

  5. How cute are these...who knew duct tape came in all those colors?! Love it!!

  6. Coloured duck tape?! Have I been living under a rock, why haven't I seen this amazing stuff before! I need to get rolls and rolls of these.


  7. Look out Toms, here come Crickets!

  8. Really!! Why didn't I?! My girls have made bracelets, bags, wallets, hair accessories, but not SHOES! Go Cricket. Can't wait to show E and L these shoes!!

  9. Sissy- Wow, they are really neat! That's some talent!


  10. Those are amazing! So cute. They def. have to go on your bookshelf. How cool!

  11. Woah, I cant believe she made those out of duct tape- how awesome!!

  12. Wow. Cricket's a high achiever! My daughter and her friends have made lots of creative duct tape items, but nothing as awesome as shoes! I'm definitely going to show her this! FUN!

  13. FANTASTIC!!! I don't blame you, they're art!

  14. So cool. I just showed them to Harry. He had a small duct tape business gong at the beginning of the school year:)

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