Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hey Little Boy

Is it wrong to dress like your 11 year old son?

I got Clay this super cute checked shirt at Target. I know, it looks just like Crewcuts. I liked it so much I went back a few days later and got one for myself. We are very happy together. Doesn't it remind you of the Shabby Apple dress from my giveaway?

I might have also gotten myself a boys flannel shirt.

Next time you are in Target stop by the boy's department. I will probably be there checking out new items for my spring wardrobe.


  1. So funny, my husband just bought a shirt like that at Banana Republic and I was lusting after it. Maybe a trip to Target is in order for me.

  2. I always check out the children's dept.

    Nice to be small,yeah?

    xo Jane

  3. Last year, I actually tried to buy a little denim shirt from Target's girl's department in their largest size but it was still too snug. I didn't think about the boys' dept. Hmm. I'll have to check it out (pun intended). Although I have a navy and white checked shirt that I got from Forever 21 last year so maybe I'll go for the plaid one!

  4. Yes, it is good to be small (sometimes! sometimes not so much). I always check out the boys wear, although for some reason the girls stuff never fits right, even though I am small enough for it. Why is that, I wonder?

  5. Hahaha. Love this. I'm sure your son is super excited to have matching clothes!! Haha. I usually buy my workout t-shirts from the boys section - they fit so much better!

  6. Years ago, I was kneeling down in front of my daughter Caris while tying a big bow in her hair. She had on a smocked dress and double strapped shoes. She was silently eyeing me up and down in my jeans and checked shirt before she asked, " Mom, when do girls start dressing like boys?"
    I laughed my head off.
    mb from big d

  7. Ooh check out Abercrombie and Fitch they have a sale on similar shirts in different colors for $20. I bought one and am going back tomorrow for another!

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  9. I just bought a shirt like the first one for my boyfriend!And he looks cute on that!

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