Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Crafty Boy Clay

My boy Peanut, not Butterball, did a fabulous craft during his class holiday party....

Sequin heaven.
Aren't you so impressed an 11 year old boy made this? I know I am.

Here it is hanging on the tree.
We are off to buy more supplies today. One just isn't enough.
If you want to make one or one hundred, just buy Styrofoam balls, sequins and short pins. the key is to make sure they overlap. Your kids will be kept busy for hours!!!

A big thank you to Ms. Wiggins and Ann Richardson.

Update: Just got back from Michael's, they come in a kit and are half price. Be sure to buy an extra bag of multi colored sequins.

P.S. Have you seen a picture of a giant sequin ball hanging in a dining room or breakfast nook? If so let me know. I thought I saved the picture, but I can't find it anywhere!!


  1. Oooh, very pretty! Good job, Clay! Maybe I should head to Michael's and get some supplies. Love this. Are the sequins oversize or just regular size?

  2. that is great! so easy and it looks awesome.

  3. Bliiiing. Love it!
    Here are some linkeys for you for inspiration pics-- with disco balls, though, but same concept:

  4. this just scared me! we made angels like this in 3rd grade-they were a surprise for our parents so i was hiding it under my bed and working on it at night and somehow the bag of straight pins spilled out-into the shag carpet! I swear- for the next two years i was scared to walk barefoot in my room-i would randomly get a pin stuck in my foot no matter how much i vaccuumed! but Clay did do a wonderful job!

  5. He could sell those at Anthropologie for $20 a piece!! You'd be rich :)

  6. Oh, these are one of my favorite holiday activities! I made them with my Mom as a kid, and now I make them with my kids. They make a terrible mess, and there are sequins and pins everywhere by the end of the night, but they are so purty and sparkly! Way to go Butterball!

  7. Sorry, meant Peanut... I'm just so used to the little Gobbers.

  8. umm those are AWESOME! I need to go to the craft store today to pick up materials to make these- they are so so fun!! I might even want to keep them hanging all year I love them that much. What an awesome craft project for a kid!!

  9. Instead of doing this myself or (gasp) allowing my kids free reign with straight pins, how bout Crafty Clay whipping up a batch for sale? I'm sure others would get in on this too... -Ann

  10. I rushed right over to get these {I remember doing this as a kid!!}, but of course they are all sold out. I tried buying sequins, short pins and styrofoam balls, and those were all gone too! Sad. Great job, Clay!

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