Friday, January 13, 2012

Wicked Good...

I like big checks and I can not lie
(You other brothers can't deny...)

And I hope you do to because I have a killer giveaway next week!!

And my helpful hint of the day: it is cold here today...really cold. May I suggest, Wicked Good Slippers from LL Bean? My favorite Christmas gift this year (keep in mind they were competing with a frying pan). If you are like me, afraid of the cold, this pair of slippers will become your new best friend. They are like a warm hug for your feet.

Happy Weekend!!


  1. This came at the perfect time. I was seriously going to order some UGG slippers this weekend but now I might be converted to these Wicked Good Slippers. They look so comfy!

  2. got a pair for christmas, too! donna

  3. Happy Friday! Love those big checks too.

  4. Ooh, I love big checks too (and I totally got the big butts reference). Those slippers look divine! Can't wait for this giveaway - you're such a tease!

  5. So wish I had those slippers on right cozy!! Have a great weekend ~

  6. Snow and cold winds here today too...I really need those your sweet blog. xox

  7. Loving the slippers! Also love your blog.

  8. Love the slippers!Perfect for winter!

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