Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Love and Not So Much

Thoughts on the Golden Globes

Love, love, love Reece's hair. Just perfect!!

This? Not so much.
Am I the only person in America who did NOT like this dress?
It's all sharp and pointy and pale.


  1. you are not the only person who disliked angie's space suit.
    i was on the fence about reese and others.
    long time no visit!!
    how are you?

  2. Of course the Nashville girl looked good! Quick story about her - my six degrees - I was literally standing in line right in front of Reese and her kids at a Nashville eatery. I was so smitten with her daughter's sweater, I didn't even look at the "mom." Turns out it was her. Oh, and our dads went to med school together. So, I feel like I know her. Ha! And don't even get me started on Angie. Blech.

  3. I agree 100%, Reese's hair was perfectly styled. DId NOT like AJ's dress at all.

  4. Thank God you called out that ugly dress Angelina wore! The dress's crazy angular shapes were far too harsh on a lady whose looks are harsh...

  5. completely agree. what was angelina thinking?

  6. Yikes I'm a dissenter, I thought Angelina looked regal. And It pains me to say that because I think she's a homewrecking tramp. Did love Reese too!

  7. Ha! I love your description of that dress. She's not my fav. Ever. I thought Natalie Portman looked the best. So simple and just pretty!

  8. I have to say I was shocked how many people were saying Angelina looked great, I thought everything was wrong about the dress, especially the colors with her skin tone. She usually gets it right (hard to miss when you are that gorgeous) but this did not do it for me either!!

  9. Angelina what is wrong with color? You wear black, now white and the only splash of color is the RED lips. Don't get me wrong, you are rocking the red lips, but what is wrong with another color like a rich, dark green, or a lovely chocolate brown dress. Something else please!!

  10. I wasn't a fan of Angie either. Too severe. All of it.

  11. Angelina beyond disappointed. Dated dress, awful fabric and coloring for her. The seams were awfully placed and it was all wrong. Her look at the recent Producers Guild Award show is what she should have worn to Goldens. Waify, bobble headed and pale in the Golden Globe look. Reese's hair rocked.

  12. no,no, you are not alone... i did not like angie's dress either. i was wondering if I was the only one who didn't like it when i saw fashion reports raving about it.

  13. i am with you! love reese... did not like angelina... goddess? ugh...
    have missed you... will be better about checking in... xx

  14. I did not like the pointy dress either. I'm not convinced about angelina either ugh is right.

  15. I totally agree with you!Reese's hair is perfect!

  16. Both actresses adore the best of hair style and dress.

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