Thursday, January 12, 2012

Around here...

Things are a little messy around here. There was a light I didn't like in our kitchen. Truthfully, there is not much I do like in my 1980's kitchen, but the lights are particularly bad. I told Bill we needed to change the fixtures or at least get a plan. He didn't want to talk about it. 30 minutes later he decided to rip the giant fluorescent fixture out of the ceiling.

Then he started to try and fix it. The hole just got bigger and bigger.

We have now called in professionals. Sigh...

On another note...

I saw this fabulous painting by Ashley Longshore recently and I can't remember where. Have you seen it? It might have been a feature on her home or work, but I have got to find it!! It could have been on a blog or in a magazine. Got any ideas? Do share.

P.S. Cricket wanted me to tell you that Anna Katherine and Davis were the first ones to make duct tape shoes.


  1. I giggle as I read and view your ceiling. "if you start it, it get's finished" is a favourite expression around here. Things can only improve!

    The painting by Ashley Longshore is beautiful and I love the expression in her eyes. I hope you buy it.

  2. Dont you just hate when that happens!

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  3. You will thank him later when you have a fabulous new least he started it!

  4. Wow. Its going to be great now that the 80's lighting is gone!

  5. I'm sorry that I'm giggling. At least Bill tried to do something himself. Matt knows he should not go near any DIY project or it will go horribly wrong. And I knew nothing about that art or artist until I clicked on your link where I just spent an inordinate amount of time. I want some of her art! Next road trip: NOLA! Love her cheeky take on things. Who thinks to cross the Girl with the Pearl Earring with what - Wonder Woman, maybe?

  6. She's from my hometown and I happen to be facebook friends with her (sorry not sorry for stalking) anyways it was listed in her wall photos as art of the day back in October- Sarah Ashley Longshore
    "supergirl with the pearl"

    it reminds me of anne bolelyn

  7. Ha! I had to laugh because you either cannot get your husband to do anything or they really go to town!

    Art by Karena

  8. I'm surprised Bill couldn't do the light. Usually he can do everything. Remember that shed he made in a week-end, and Larry took 6 months to make the same one?! Very sad. And I appreciate a girl who won't take full credit when she doesn't think it's due. But it IS because she still made the shoes. Everyone around here was very impressed. xo

  9. oh goodness. that is exactly how projects get done at my house. I start something mess it up and then we have to deal with it! Good luck!!

  10. Can't wait to see your new kitchen ceiling and lights!

  11. Oh my...that is one way to get things done.

    That painting reminds me of the girl with the pearl earring. I know it is not but it reminds me of it.

    P.S. thank you for your compassionate comment the other day. It really touched me.

  12. Oh, Dear Cricket, it doesn't much matter who made them first. What's impressive is that you and your friend did an amazing job -- display worthy!


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