Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Big Thank You!!

I can't thank you enough for all the comments and e-mails with suggestions of books to read!!!

Book nook

I have been compiling my list of books, reading summaries and narrowing it down. Thanks to all of you I have a ton of great books to choose from!! So far I have downloaded The Nightingale and Z but there are more to come!!

In other news I got my first spray tan yesterday..interesting, very interesting. I am tan from the top of my head to the tip of my toes and I think I like it!! I was going to get in shape before our beach trip but on Wednesday I figured it was too late to whip myself into shape so I went with plan B - spray tan.
What are your thoughts on spray tans?

Thursday, March 26, 2015


Guess who showed up??!!
And it's even better than I dreamed!! It looks good in every room in my house but my bedroom put dibs on it so I hope to have a couple of fab pillows made to dress up my bed. 

Are any of you local readers looking for a fun night of shopping? Check out Gypsy*Lew!!

They've just added morning hours today 10 -12!!
Check out their Facebook page here
This is one of my favorite Gypsy*Lew necklaces that will be joining me on Spring Break.

I am going to wear it with this dress....

This clutch, similar here, here and here

And these sandals although these are cute too!!
Plus I think it will be super cute with my cutoffs and white tee.

I probably need to spend less time wondering what I am going to wear and more time trying to find the box of Clay and Locke's bathing suits and shorts that I put in the attic...

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I Need Books!!!

I need your help...
I need some suggestions for really good books to read on Spring Break. 

This is what I have read lately...

 LOVED this book!!

 I may be the only person in America who didn't love this book.

 Really?? If you want to hear about Frank Lloyd Wright's dirty laundry, this book's for you. I had a hard time getting through it.

I found this story of southern blacks migrating to northern states after emancipation fascinating. 

 Such a great book but I could have done with a little less on rowing techniques.

 The first transgender woman/man. - it is now being made into a movie with Eddie Redmayne. Interesting but not a page turner.

 Another young adult book that everyone should read.

OK...what cha got??!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Go Granny

I am as excited about this film as a bunch of middle age women waiting for Fifty Shades Darker.


Iris Apfel is one of my favorite style icons. I love her more is more style of dressing. This woman is fearless!!!
And I saw on The Neo-Trad that the trailer is out!!! Check it out here

Want to dress like Iris - and who wouldn't???!!! Here are a few items you need for your closet:

Monday, March 23, 2015

Reward Offered

Do you like this fabric?

Me too. I really love all the shades of blue.

While I was busy working/entertaining myself by searching Ebay I found a yard of this for sale and thought it would be a fun addition to my bedroom. 

And you know the old story of the girl and her Ebay...I bid, I won, I waited. 
I was getting a little antsy so I decided to track the package. There is good news and bad news. The good news? The mailman delivered my package. The bad news? He did not deliver it to me. No one seems to know which house my lovely fabric went to....

So if you live in Wilmington and got an unexpected delivery on Saturday e-mail me. I am willing to pay a reward no questions asked.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Tulum Packing

Now to the really important part of Spring Break...packing.

I am taking several pairs of cut-off vintage Levi's shorts that will be great with some peasant shirts and short cover ups like this one from Lemlem. It's on sale at J Crew with an additional 30% -  you can't afford NOT to get it!! Here

And this look from my last post is just perfect!! Image my surprise when I found almost the exact dress and guess what it is called?? The Tulum Dress!! If that isn't a sign from the shopping gods I don't what is!! And it fits like a dream...we fell in love immediately and now I can't wait to wear it out in public. Details -  Tulum Dress.  

Or for a similar look for less try this Roxy Cover up.
I ordered it for Cricket and thought it was perfect but she thought it was too plain. Teenagers sure have a lot of opinions...We did both agree on this one. So cute on!! She can wear it on the beach and out to dinner and maybe her mama can borrow it - don't you know she will just love that!

 And the grand finale...I had to order this fab caftan.
It was free shipping and free returns so I just had to try it. It is so me. And the reason I know it is so me is because I have two dresses in a similar print. I know what you are you really need another one?? Well yes, yes I do. One is a silk cocktailish/Sunday dress, the other is a short tank dress so really this caftan is totally different. And I think this dress might make me a calmer more relaxed person. I'll let you know. 

OK, that is two posts in 3 days - I hope I am not over-doing it!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Tulum - Spring Break

Hey!! Is anybody still reading?? I took a break... and now I am about to take another break - Spring Break. After much research I came up with Tulum, Mexico. When I read it was a favorite of New York fashion insiders and celebrities I thought "What a perfect fit for a soccer mom, her husband and three kids!" 

Beautiful beaches, Mayan Ruins and Mexican food...what more could you want?

How about fabulous street style? I know! Could it get any better?

Can't wait to bust out some summer dresses but in the meantime I am trying to figure out what to do with my hair...our hotel/cabana does not allow hair dryers. Yes, you heard me, NO hair dryers. It's all eco-friendly, solar powered, good for the environment, bad for the girl with the crazy hair. . So I am thinking about this...

Love it!! Want to be her when I grow up!

Fabulous!! Take out the cigarette add a margarita and I think I could make it work. 
I am off to watch videos on turban tying!!
XO Sissy
PS Have you been to Tulum? If so share any tips you may have!!

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