Thursday, March 26, 2015


Guess who showed up??!!
And it's even better than I dreamed!! It looks good in every room in my house but my bedroom put dibs on it so I hope to have a couple of fab pillows made to dress up my bed. 

Are any of you local readers looking for a fun night of shopping? Check out Gypsy*Lew!!

They've just added morning hours today 10 -12!!
Check out their Facebook page here
This is one of my favorite Gypsy*Lew necklaces that will be joining me on Spring Break.

I am going to wear it with this dress....

This clutch, similar here, here and here

And these sandals although these are cute too!!
Plus I think it will be super cute with my cutoffs and white tee.

I probably need to spend less time wondering what I am going to wear and more time trying to find the box of Clay and Locke's bathing suits and shorts that I put in the attic...

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