Monday, November 30, 2015


Happy Monday friends!! Hope you had a very happy Thanksgiving!!
Today I have a fun room design for you. 
The nice folks are Chairish asked if I would put together a room designed around one of their vintage holiday accent chairs. Sounded like fun to me and then I saw the chairs I had to choose from!! Love at first sight!!

Image of Mid-Century Faux Fur Accent Chair

How happy does this chair make you??!! I knew he was the one for me so I got to work and here is the idea board I came up with.....

chairish neutral room:

Just a good, basic, neutral room....which I like..a lot.
BUT, you know I'm not really a neutral girl and it is the holidays so I thought I would spruce it up. Make if feel more festive...


And here you have bright.
 I love that this room feels more festive and happy with a holiday vibe but it doesn't scream Christmas. I did change out the mirror and add a fabulous bay leaf wreath and if I could show you the other side of the room you would see a big beautiful Christmas tree. If you look at the room I have put together you will notice it is pretty neutral with a few accent colors. What keeps it from being too boring and predictable is not only the colors but the textures. And that is what I love most about these faux fur chairs. A white chair in a white room could get lost but when the fabric mimics that of a small, woolly animal you suddenly have the star of the room. Another trick to give neutral rooms more personality is to mix styles: vintage chairs, modern lighting, traditional mirror and contemporary art. 

The best part is almost everything I used came from Chairish which means with several clicks of your finger you could make this room your own! Or add bits and pieces to what you already have. It is the holidays after all and I am sure Santa wants you to have something nice!!
And don't forget to check out the other fabulous accent chairs here
I know you are going to love what you see!!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday Blues...

Happy Monday friends!! Hope it was a good weekend for you. 
I am making lots of decisions and progress around my own home and several projects...good times. But I need your help...


Blue floral pillow fabric...who makes it???


It's from the fab Pencil & Paper team..check out their website here...big love.

David Hicks Turkish Flower linen:

I thought it was this fabric, a fav of mine, Turkish Flowers, but on closer inspection I was wrong... I know I have seen it before I just can't track it down, and it's Monday and Mondays are hard so if you could help me out that would be just great!!
Comment or e-mail me:

image here

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Furniture Market & Crazy Pants

Headed to High Point for the Furniture Market. 
Excited and a little scared...
I don't like crowds, it's part of getting older.
Along with the desire to put comfort ahead of fashion - I know, crazy talk.

Hope I get to see these two crazy kids.

Any time there is a chance to leave town you have to plan your outfits and I was thinking something simple, stylish and comfortable. Like this all black tunic dress and flared pants. Throw on a fab necklace and I'm done. Similar look here

Statement necklace here
I am stopping by Anthropologie on my way to High Point and I am going to see how this bad boy looks hanging from my neck.

And you know I am not a red person but this necklace is amazing!! With an all black outfit this would be so dramatic!! (it comers in black but that just doesn't excite me) Would a red person please buy this!! Here

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, my travel outfit... I did NOT end up with an all black sophisticated outfit...far from it...

FP X Agave Embroidered Wideleg

Instead I got some crazy pants. 
But they are comfortable so that counts for something!! Here
If you see me roaming around the market in my giant embroidered pants come say HI. 
Can't wait to report back!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Books, Wallpaper, Roman Shades...

Did you read Me Before You
Did you want someone to have yellow and black striped tights made just for you? Did you cry like a baby? 
Have you ever wonder what happened to Louisa? 
Well guess what??!! Go on, guess....There's a sequel...yippee!!

It will be available September 29 and you can pre-order here
Let's meet back here on September 30th to discuss!!

Does everyone live like this??? 
I have almost made a decision...can you guess which one?

And finally, the roman shade for my kitchen is done!!
It is hanging proudly in my kitchen and bringing me lots of joy!!
I'll show you a picture once I get a few more things done in the kitchen.

Have a good day!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Furbish Goes to Istanbul

I don't know if you are like me but I would travel the world if I could sleep in my own bed every night. And that puts a small damper on world travel. Thankfully there are others willing to risk lack of sleep so we can all shop...
Jamie from I Suwannee  just returned from Istanbul with trunks full of treasure. Check it out here.



My computer was acting up so I had to borrow these images from The English sure and head over there and check out Holly's fab blog!!!
Happy shopping!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Throwback Tuesday

I was going to write a post about symmetry today until I remembered I had already written about 2009. So since I am moving slower than normal today (Tuesdays are hard after a 3 day weekend) I decided to re-post. It's like recycling in the blog world. 

Remember Noah? The guy with the ark? Well, Noah and I have a lot in common. We both love pairs.

Pairs of chairs...
(I hope he doesn't mind that I used his zebras for a pair of pillows)

Pairs of lamps

Pairs of beds.

Two by two...

It just works for me.
As do these pillows. Love that they are the same size and shape but different patterns.

Symmetry. It's a good thing.

When you have pairs you can get away with a little craziness.
A little craziness can be attractive. Just ask Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. (Or Brad and Angie)

Isn't this just how you pictured the ark looking?
A little rustic, an old earthenware jar, a bit of greenery...

This pair of mirrors makes me very happy.
What about you? Do you favor symmetry or do you like a more random method of decorating?

pictures from: Canadian House & HomeMid Century Jo, Celerie Kemble, Cottage Living, Room Service, Material GirlsPeacock Feathers Events.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Vintage Shore Home - Update

What says "Labor Day" more than some shopping? And if you are here in Wilmington I have a great shopping spot for you...Vintage Shore Home.

This little shed is jam packed with some of the best vintage furniture around...

I can hardly stand this mirror!!

Turquoise Headboard anyone?

Metal Bamboo chairs?

Dining Set....

I'll tell you it is all good, floor to ceiling. 
You can contact Carrie through her Facebook page here
Or email
Showings by appointment only
Tell her Sissy sent you 

Friday, September 4, 2015

Things That Make You Go Hmmm...

Looky here...


Am I the only one who finds these chairs oddly fascinating and fabulous??? 
They are around 40 years old, all leather and sit on wooden bases. I could design a whole room around these and pick you out an outfit to wear to complete the look. A lot of style for your $$$. But you've got to have some spunk, these ain't your mama's lounge chairs. 

Happy three day weekend!!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Musical Bedrooms

We been playing musical rooms at my house. Locke moved into the guest room, the guest room bed went to Clay's room, Clay's beds went into Locke's new room and Locke's old room is now my office. What does all this mean? 1. My house is a disataster and 2. I want a change in my room too.

I am thinking a new headboard. 

ikat headboard

Something fun.

Scheherazade Headboard - Queen/Slate

Why play it safe when you can go over the top.

Custom Moroccan-style Upholstered Headboard by Again & Again

This could be the start of something fun.....
Do you have a favorite?

pictures here here

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hope and Dreams for a Tidy Future

I have high hopes...

That this book can help me...

Has anyone read it? Had any success? And words of advice?

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Around Here

Found this mirror today for a fun bathroom makeover.

 Can't wait to see it with the new aqua grass cloth wallpaper.

Ain't she pretty?

What can I say...vintage brass chandelier.
A big ole ball of brass love.
I could not decide what to do... I really wanted it but didn't need it...
I am going to sleep on it and see how I feel tomorrow (also waiting to see if I win the lottery)

 I have been living in this dress and now it is super on sale. 
Head on over and get you one, you won't regret it!!
(I'm talking to you Louise!)
And as long as you have your credit card out check out these other dresses I am keeping my eye on...

In other design news I am LOVING this house by Cortney Bishop I saw on House of Turquoise I am hoping to use the Kelly Wearstler curtain fabric in an upcoming project. Go check out the whole house, it's fab!!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Found It!

I found it! the Better Homes and Gardens magazine I was looking for.
(Thank you Amelia) 

This is the room now....

What a difference! Covering the overpowering yellow hue with crisp white created a serene backdrop, plus the illusion of more space.  "Provide visual interest by arranging some books horizontally," says Eddie Ross. "You can also place accessories atop the stacks." Coating the built-in unit's interior with a pale blue added depth.

And how it looked before...
Don't you love seeing how the room evolved over time? 
and one more...

"The place was stuck in a seventies time warp," says designer Eddie Ross of this Long Island, New York, living room. And while homeowners Chris and Jackie Keber didn't exactly adore their Brady Bunch set, the couple had no intention of spending a fortune. So Ross focused on simple upgrades, rejuvenating the 350-square-foot room with minimal outlay.

This was the living room in the beginning...
That room has come along way!!!
We should all take a moment to say "Thank you" to the white paint that all this fabulousness possible!!

(And a big thank you to Geri and Laurie and my other readers who offered their magazines to me!!)

Friday, July 31, 2015

Can You Help Me Out?

I need a copy of the June Better Homes and Garden Issue. 

I think there might be some updated pictures of this home that Eddie Ross decorated on a budget several years ago.

What a difference! Covering the overpowering yellow hue with crisp white created a serene backdrop, plus the illusion of more space.  "Provide visual interest by arranging some books horizontally," says Eddie Ross. "You can also place accessories atop the stacks." Coating the built-in unit's interior with a pale blue added depth.

Window: "The bigger the window, the better — except when the design is dated," says Ross of this one's pointed peak. So he squared it off with Sheetrock inside; outside, new cedar planks cover the work. Total cost: $175. (Linen curtains, from $49 each;  
Lamp: Grosgrain ribbon trim, attached with a glue gun, gives an off-the-rack shade a custom look. (Lamp with shade, $49.99; for stores)
Sofa: The price for this chic toile couch, including its matching armchair and ottoman? An unbelievable $225 at a thrift store.  
Pillows: The little details that finish a room often wind up blowing the budget, but Ross shopped smart — and saved big. (On sofa: Pink, $12.99; for stores. White, $12.99; for stores. On white chair: Striped, $16.99; for stores. Crab, $45; On chaise: Blue patterned, $16.99; for stores)

Holler if you have a copy!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

NYC - Housing Works

Just a few quick pictures from my trip to New York. There will be more later, probably more than you even want to see...

But I had to share these great finds from Housing Works.

I could have furnished an entire apartment from this one store!!


I tried to get this painting shipped back but because of the size I had to leave it behind...sniff, sniff. It was enormous and painted on a board so it was a challenge but it would have been so happy living in the south.

 And this, good lord, grass cloth covered console table!!!
All the tables were $200 or less.
Sometimes you just need a U-Haul.
Have you ever been to a Housing Works???

I just found their online shop. You can check it out here Housing Works

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