Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday Blues...

Happy Monday friends!! Hope it was a good weekend for you. 
I am making lots of decisions and progress around my own home and several projects...good times. But I need your help...


Blue floral pillow fabric...who makes it???


It's from the fab Pencil & Paper team..check out their website here...big love.

David Hicks Turkish Flower linen:

I thought it was this fabric, a fav of mine, Turkish Flowers, but on closer inspection I was wrong... I know I have seen it before I just can't track it down, and it's Monday and Mondays are hard so if you could help me out that would be just great!!
Comment or e-mail me:

image here


  1. Hey Sissy! I do not have a source on that fabric unfortunately, but have you reached out to the P&P people yet? They're very nice (but very busy) - but maybe one of their assistants will respond? I want to say that was featured a couple of houses ago, so who knows if the fabric is still around. I do know they source things locally sometimes because I've run across fabric they've used in fabric stores here in Nashville. So, it might be a line like Richloom or PK Kaufman? Good luck! Hope you had a great time at market!

  2. Happy searching and happy nesting.


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