Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Books, Wallpaper, Roman Shades...

Did you read Me Before You
Did you want someone to have yellow and black striped tights made just for you? Did you cry like a baby? 
Have you ever wonder what happened to Louisa? 
Well guess what??!! Go on, guess....There's a sequel...yippee!!

It will be available September 29 and you can pre-order here
Let's meet back here on September 30th to discuss!!

Does everyone live like this??? 
I have almost made a decision...can you guess which one?

And finally, the roman shade for my kitchen is done!!
It is hanging proudly in my kitchen and bringing me lots of joy!!
I'll show you a picture once I get a few more things done in the kitchen.

Have a good day!


  1. Well, not EVERYONE live like that, but I sure do. At this very moment there is a chandelier lying on its side in the hallway outside the dining room as we figure out the rewiring situation, one daughters room has two rugs in it, because decisions, and the other has fabric swatches draped over her desk chair....Also, love all the wallpaper but please say you went with those TIGERS!

    1. my book club is reading After You next month!


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