Sunday, October 18, 2015

Furniture Market & Crazy Pants

Headed to High Point for the Furniture Market. 
Excited and a little scared...
I don't like crowds, it's part of getting older.
Along with the desire to put comfort ahead of fashion - I know, crazy talk.

Hope I get to see these two crazy kids.

Any time there is a chance to leave town you have to plan your outfits and I was thinking something simple, stylish and comfortable. Like this all black tunic dress and flared pants. Throw on a fab necklace and I'm done. Similar look here

Statement necklace here
I am stopping by Anthropologie on my way to High Point and I am going to see how this bad boy looks hanging from my neck.

And you know I am not a red person but this necklace is amazing!! With an all black outfit this would be so dramatic!! (it comers in black but that just doesn't excite me) Would a red person please buy this!! Here

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, my travel outfit... I did NOT end up with an all black sophisticated outfit...far from it...

FP X Agave Embroidered Wideleg

Instead I got some crazy pants. 
But they are comfortable so that counts for something!! Here
If you see me roaming around the market in my giant embroidered pants come say HI. 
Can't wait to report back!!


  1. those crazy pants are so YOU.

    I'm jealous of your trip. Saw that Julie (Milk and Honey) is also there.

    Why am I NOT going, I wonder?

  2. A blue necklace is absolutely stunning! It reminds me of ancient Egypt and Cleopatra. It would be a wonderful accessory for self sufficient woman.


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