Monday, November 30, 2015


Happy Monday friends!! Hope you had a very happy Thanksgiving!!
Today I have a fun room design for you. 
The nice folks are Chairish asked if I would put together a room designed around one of their vintage holiday accent chairs. Sounded like fun to me and then I saw the chairs I had to choose from!! Love at first sight!!

Image of Mid-Century Faux Fur Accent Chair

How happy does this chair make you??!! I knew he was the one for me so I got to work and here is the idea board I came up with.....

chairish neutral room:

Just a good, basic, neutral room....which I like..a lot.
BUT, you know I'm not really a neutral girl and it is the holidays so I thought I would spruce it up. Make if feel more festive...


And here you have bright.
 I love that this room feels more festive and happy with a holiday vibe but it doesn't scream Christmas. I did change out the mirror and add a fabulous bay leaf wreath and if I could show you the other side of the room you would see a big beautiful Christmas tree. If you look at the room I have put together you will notice it is pretty neutral with a few accent colors. What keeps it from being too boring and predictable is not only the colors but the textures. And that is what I love most about these faux fur chairs. A white chair in a white room could get lost but when the fabric mimics that of a small, woolly animal you suddenly have the star of the room. Another trick to give neutral rooms more personality is to mix styles: vintage chairs, modern lighting, traditional mirror and contemporary art. 

The best part is almost everything I used came from Chairish which means with several clicks of your finger you could make this room your own! Or add bits and pieces to what you already have. It is the holidays after all and I am sure Santa wants you to have something nice!!
And don't forget to check out the other fabulous accent chairs here
I know you are going to love what you see!!

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