Friday, January 29, 2010

What I am Loving...

I was recently "tagged" by Janis of Pinecone Camp. You have to check out her blog here. Then make sure you check out her website here. Janis is a lifestyle and interiors photographer and her work will knock your socks off. I think if Janis could photograph my life, it would look a lot more fabulous.

I hesitated to answer all the questions on the tagged list because I am afraid you are tired of hearing about me, so I decided to do something a little different. I am going to do a list of what I am loving right now. Here goes..

1. A great bar cart or bar chic!!

2. My new raincoat. I have been looking for a raincoat with a hood for about 8 years. No joking. I found plenty of cute jackets, just no hoods. I have used the same raincoat for the past 10 years, light blue, from Target. It has just about had it. Boden has some cute ones, but they are heavy duty. I needed something light and I found it Old Navy. It comes in tons of colors, but I think the blue looks best with my orange polka dot rain boots. I am happy...Let it rain!

3. A room that is not too matchy. This decorating is fearless but fabulous. I am going to try and branch out..wish me luck!

4. Big Beads with my bathing suit. OK, really just the big beads. I don't have the nerve, or the body, to skip the top and wear necklaces. But I will say you would get a lot of attention at the pool.

5. Children's rooms that don't look like Spongebob. Or a Disney character.

6. My sconces. I have these same giant over-sized sconces and was wondering if I should keep them on either side of my fireplace. I found this picture yesterday and the answer is yes!!

7. My new purchase from Anthropologie. Dress, but I wore it as a tunic over jeans to dinner last night and liked it. Even better? It's on sale.

That's what I am loving right now. What about you? See anything you liked?

Don't forget to check out Pinecone Camp!! Here and Here

pictures from: Habitually Chic, Old Navy, Eye A Dore You, ?, Full House, Traditional Home

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ikea Family Fun

We made it back from The Great Wolf Lodge and had a blast!! I loved every stinkin minute of it! My throat hurt from screaming. Caution: the waterslides are not for big babies or scaredy cats, but if I can handle it, so can you.

I somehow convinced my family it would be fun to run into Ikea on the way to eat Mexican food one night. I may have forgotten to mention it was 15 miles down the road. Let's just say we arrived at the holy grail of cheap furniture in sour moods. Luckily it didn't last long because we were all amazed. And overwhelmed. That place is crazy good. We got a little scared when we couldn't find the exit. Have you been? It is like a maze. We made the mistake of trying to backtrack and not follow the recommended path. We learned our lesson.

I did not get the table I originally had in mind. In person it looked too long. Yes, I measured, but in person it just looked too big. Even my husband agreed. Plus it was hard to make a decision with two hungry nine year-olds breathing down my neck. Don't worry, I didn't come home empty handed. I bought the world's happiest tray. Don't you love it? I think it will bring me lots of joy.

I also got the world's cutest blanket for the world's cutest baby. This picture does not do it justice. In person there is much more bright blue and light blue and apple green. Butterball loves it. He even said so. Or at least that's what I think he said.

It is part of the Vitaminer collection at Ikea.

Strange name, cute bedding.
For babies or little kids. We also stopped by Bass Pro Shop and I made a solo trip to Anthropologie. See? Something for everyone.

Have you been to Ikea? What did you think?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bakelite and a Curse

I am cursed with freakishly small wrists. Sad but true. It is not usually a big deal unless I want to turn cartwheels (which on occasion I do) or wear a bracelet.

I recently found a Bakelite bracelet that I loved at one of my favorite shops. Cape Fear Jewelry & Antiques. You have got to stop by and see Pait. He will take care of you and find you something you can't live without. They sell vintage pieces that you won't find anywhere else. One of a kind fabulousness.This particular bracelet was a Bakelite bangle. With turquoise. I loved it, but it was almost big enough to fit over my head. I'm not big into chokers. I went home. I was sad. I don't buy a lot of jewelry because it is rare I see something I like. This was an unusual bracelet. I have seen some good ones. Like this white bracelet with the starfish. Nice.

Or this fun bright pink one. But mine was different. Better. I wanted that bracelet. Bad. I thought about it for two days then went back just to visit. Say hi.

Hello!!! This is it. Can you stand it?
While I was walking around holding my hand in the air so the bracelet wouldn't fly off, John Nelson, who designs and repairs jewelry came up with a way to make it fit my wrist. He is putting cork inside to make it nice and snug. Hallelujah!!

Bill, if you are reading this, I have good news. You don't have to shop for a Valentine's present this year (or anniversary). Thanks hon, I LOVE it!!! You know what I say: Good things come to those who shop for themselves!

Doesn't it remind you of Iris Apfel from this post? Do you love it or does it make you think of your crazy old aunt?

Cape Fear Jewelry & Antiques
Pait Skipper
4107-E1 Oleander Drive Wilmington, N.C. 28403

In the same store you can find:

J. Nelson Designs: Custom Jewelry Designs and Repairs

John Nelson

Go. Shop. Buy.

pictures from: Bakelite Bangle Export, Bakelite 4 You, Blue Hydrangea

Friday, January 22, 2010


As you read this I am riding the rapids in my inner tube at the Great Wolf Lodge..Yeehaw!!

I wanted to make sure you saw this fabulous window at Bloomingdale's decorated by Eddie Ross.

Seems there is a little contest going on. Check it out here and make sure to vote for Eddie. Why? Because I said so and because his room truly is the best!!! The guy has talent. Wish he would come to my house to play (decorate).

Have a great weekend and don't worry about me. I am sure we are having all kinds of fun!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Do you like the lodge look?

I do if it is done right. Maybe for a weekend. A weekend of indoor water fun.

That's right. We are taking Doodle and Peanut (Cricket and Clay) to The Great Wolf Lodge for 2 1/2 days of nonstop water fun. And I am not scared at all. Well, maybe a little scared. I am not really sure what to expect. Tourist in swim suits instead of sweat suits? Fun!!

And I can't wait to put a bathing suit on in the middle of January. Can you say "pasty white"?

Oh, did I mention there is an Anthropologie and Ikea right down the street? You know me. Always thinking of the kids and what will be fun for them. Wish me luck!!

So? Have any of you been to The Great Wolf Lodge?

None of these pictures are from the Great Wolf Lodge. They are from Ralph Lauren via My Favorite and My Best

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Many Thanks to...

All my readers who helped me identify the pillow from my last post, here. I had two leads from Anonymous readers, wish I could thank you by name and one from Leah. Blog readers are the best!!

I knew you guys would come through for me. My (and I use "my" very loosely) fabulous pillow is by Adam and Viktoria. You can see them here. The good news? They are only $265, so I am getting six! Just kidding!!! Don't you know me at all? That is a little high for my daughter's room so I am going to look for something similar.

Once I knew what to look for these pillows started popping up everywhere. Like here in one of my favorite rooms from the HGTV Green Home 2009.

Even better close up.

They are also in the Murano Hotel....loving these colors!!!

They are fabulous and I am sure worth the money. But I don't think these fancy pillows would be happy surrounded by Webkins, Teen Beat posters and IPods. I could be wrong. They may not be snobs, but I am not taking the chance. Have you seen the way my kids treat their pillows? As ammunition, weapons and stepping stones.

So let's take one more good look and then say good-bye. Good-bye fabulous pillow. I won't forget you. Well, unless something better and less expensive comes along.

pictures from: HGTV, Apartment Therapy, More Ways to Waste Time

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Home Office

Do you have a home office?

Does it look like this?

Me either.

I have a desk in my bedroom.

A hand-me-down from my grandmother Bama. Or you may remember her as Crazy Bama from this post.

Nothing fancy, but it works.

Today Sidney at Eclectic Interior Design is doing a post on Bloggers and their home offices.

Sidney asked me to send in a picture of my work area which I was glad to do. And I learned something in the process. I need to work on my work area. And my photography skills. I can't decide if these pictures inspire me or depress me because my work area is so not exciting!! You can check it out here.

Do you have a home office? Desk in the kitchen? Work from bed? I may have to add new desk to my "to do" list.

pictures from Elle Decor

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Calling All Readers

I need your help.

Does anyone recognize the fabric on the pillow? Isn't it the best? I think it might be just what I need to get the ball rolling in Cricket's room.

I started it two years ago then got distracted. One of my New Year's resolutions is to get some projects finished around the house. Cricket's room is at the top of the list. Right now it has a little bit of everything. Left over quilts, blankets and the all important Teen Beat posters. Cricket has said no more pink. She only wants blue and yellow, maybe a little green. I'll keep the blue and white bed skirt. It's stapled to the bed with a piece of trim nailed on top of it. It's not going anywhere. I want to cover the back and sides of her bed with fabric covered panels. Probably in a yellow and white fabric.

A couple of pillows in the mystery fabric and I think we will be set. Then I can rid the room of Nick Jonas, Selena and somebody named Justin who needs a haircut. I just need to find out some info on that fabric and stay focused. Sometimes I get distracted. Does that ever happen to you? Any unfinished projects around your house?

Pictures from:
Flourish Design and Style, Blue Hydrangea

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Good Things Come to Those Who...

Clean. Actually it's more like purging than cleaning. I am throwing away and giving away everything that is not nailed down.

My reward? While dumping out a kitchen drawer I found an Anthropologie gift card.

This is me when I found the card. Don't I look happy? What? You think it looks like Kate Hudson...whatever....

Now the big question..what should I buy? Something for the house?

Or for me?

I agree. Something for me!

If only my gift card was for $300 I would totally buy these happy boots. Can you stand them? I am going to do some more cleaning and see if I can't find some more $$$. Wish me luck!

What about you? Any cleaning in your New Year resolutions?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Am So Mad I Am Seeing...

Red. Why? Well, last night while I was fixing dinner Butterball was sitting at the table eating his Popsicle. If he cries long enough and hard enough he gets his dessert before dinner. Just a little trick I learned at my Mommy of the Year class. While my back was turned he decided to get up and walk around and leave large pieces of his Creamsicle on my beach sand colored rug.

I didn't panic when I found it 20
minutes later. Melted. It was a Popsicle for heavens sake. It wouldn't stain. Wrong. That dad gum Creamsicle left 2 large red stains on my rug. I emailed the company to ask why they would use a dye that would stain on a children's dessert. Really, they are mainly for kids right? I haven't heard back. I will probably get a coupon for more Creamsicles....

Well, I have learned there are two types of people in the world, those who love red and those who don't. Guess which type I am? It's not that I don't have a lot of red in my house..I don't have ANY. At Christmas I did add a few touches in my den, here but that is the only time red makes an appearance.

I like it in other people's homes.

Sometimes I even love it.

But I don't want to live with it on a daily basis.

Even when it is done well.

Really well.

But what to do? Add some pretty red accents to pick up the bright red in my rug? Ban Creamsicles from my house? Make Butterball wait until after dinner for his dessert? Learn to love red? What about you? Do you love red or are you more of a blue person?

pics from: 1-3 House Beautiful, Elle Decor, Domino, Country Living

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