Thursday, January 21, 2010

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Do you like the lodge look?

I do if it is done right. Maybe for a weekend. A weekend of indoor water fun.

That's right. We are taking Doodle and Peanut (Cricket and Clay) to The Great Wolf Lodge for 2 1/2 days of nonstop water fun. And I am not scared at all. Well, maybe a little scared. I am not really sure what to expect. Tourist in swim suits instead of sweat suits? Fun!!

And I can't wait to put a bathing suit on in the middle of January. Can you say "pasty white"?

Oh, did I mention there is an Anthropologie and Ikea right down the street? You know me. Always thinking of the kids and what will be fun for them. Wish me luck!!

So? Have any of you been to The Great Wolf Lodge?

None of these pictures are from the Great Wolf Lodge. They are from Ralph Lauren via My Favorite and My Best


  1. you are going to Concord? Yeehaw- next thing I know you'll be going to Nascar races-

  2. I do NOT like the lodge look. I don't love Ralph Lauren's look at all. But I know you will just love the Wolf Lodge or whatever it's called. Are you really going to put on a bathing suit? I'd leave that to Bill.

  3. We have a Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City (close to me) and its actually pretty fun. The kids will love it. As for the lodge look def. couldn't do it every day. Maybe for vacation.

  4. Sounds delightful... especially the part about putting on a swimsuit in January under florescent light? (just saying)

  5. I definitely am a fan of the lodge look---in a lodge or cabin. I do love touches of it elsewhere. Like I would take that crazy antler mirror right this second!
    XX Kate

  6. we stayed at an amazing lodge in park city -- deer creek lodge. it had a wonderful rustic feel to the lodging and was as quaint as ever.

  7. Love the lodge look for a getaway. It reminds me of Banff, Alberta ( in the rocky mountains ). Hope you have a wonderful weekend.. and don't worry about the bathing suit in January - atleast you won't be the only one :) xo

  8. Sounds like a fun time... Love the warm, cozy lodge-look!

  9. I'm dying to know how it was? Pretty close to us here in PA! I banned them for awhile because they were polluting a creek, but I think they cleaned up their act!


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