Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bakelite and a Curse

I am cursed with freakishly small wrists. Sad but true. It is not usually a big deal unless I want to turn cartwheels (which on occasion I do) or wear a bracelet.

I recently found a Bakelite bracelet that I loved at one of my favorite shops. Cape Fear Jewelry & Antiques. You have got to stop by and see Pait. He will take care of you and find you something you can't live without. They sell vintage pieces that you won't find anywhere else. One of a kind fabulousness.This particular bracelet was a Bakelite bangle. With turquoise. I loved it, but it was almost big enough to fit over my head. I'm not big into chokers. I went home. I was sad. I don't buy a lot of jewelry because it is rare I see something I like. This was an unusual bracelet. I have seen some good ones. Like this white bracelet with the starfish. Nice.

Or this fun bright pink one. But mine was different. Better. I wanted that bracelet. Bad. I thought about it for two days then went back just to visit. Say hi.

Hello!!! This is it. Can you stand it?
While I was walking around holding my hand in the air so the bracelet wouldn't fly off, John Nelson, who designs and repairs jewelry came up with a way to make it fit my wrist. He is putting cork inside to make it nice and snug. Hallelujah!!

Bill, if you are reading this, I have good news. You don't have to shop for a Valentine's present this year (or anniversary). Thanks hon, I LOVE it!!! You know what I say: Good things come to those who shop for themselves!

Doesn't it remind you of Iris Apfel from this post? Do you love it or does it make you think of your crazy old aunt?

Cape Fear Jewelry & Antiques
Pait Skipper
4107-E1 Oleander Drive Wilmington, N.C. 28403

In the same store you can find:

J. Nelson Designs: Custom Jewelry Designs and Repairs

John Nelson

Go. Shop. Buy.

pictures from: Bakelite Bangle Export, Bakelite 4 You, Blue Hydrangea


  1. Oh, I absolutely love this - the bracelet and the solution. I, too, have small wrists and seldom wear bracelets because of it. Cork! Who woulda thunk?

    I'm not a designer, just a gal who loves design and pretty things and good taste. Thank you for being the bearer of all.

  2. Crazy old Aunt?? No. Didn't make me think of that at all. Makes me think, cool, got to have. Or in this case, let Sissy have because she has finally found a bakelite bracelet she can wear. It is beautiful. Enjoy.

  3. Hi hi,

    Via many roundabouts I hopped onto your lovely blog.
    What a colorful sweet photographs! Perfect bracelet solution!

    Have a wonderful wednesday!


  4. ooh, I love it!! It is so you. Of course I have the same small wrist problem, which drives me crazy. Why can't I have a nice jewelry guy who puts cork in bangles? I love the white one with the starfish, too. xo

  5. Wow! I am SO glad you found a way to make the bracelet are clearly in love...and I can see why!

  6. I wonder if the cork solution would work for watches too? I love watches that look like jewelry but hate how they slide down over my hand or rest uncomfortably on the freakishly large wrist bone I have. Thanks for the post!

  7. I love crazy old aunt jewelry! Those are always the pieces people stop you on the street to compliment you on. Just don't rock it with a crazy old aunt hat. Not that you would, I'm just saying.

  8. Love it! I too have freakishly small wrists. For Christmas, I bought myself a horn cuff with a vintage pin stuck to it from a local jewelry designer ( . . . some really neat stuff, if you're interested). She fitted mine with some "buffers," as she called them, which were basically rubbery furniture stopper things (if that makes any sense). However, they've since fallen off and now the cuff about falls off. Maybe I should mention the cork solution to her. Great idea! Thanks for always inspiring with your style!

  9. I am crazy about turquoise and this is one lovely bracelet. My son used to live in Wilmington. I wish I knew about this wonderful shop, I would have hunted it down. Sea Witch

  10. i like the one with the starfish - cute!

  11. I can see why you love it, it is stunning!

  12. Trade ya'.... my wrists have never been "small" - even when I was a size 6! I have to try bracelets on to make sure they aren't too tight. So I kind of hate your small wrists just a little.... out of jealousy. ;-)

    But that bracelet is so pretty! And I'm glad that they came up with a solution so you can wear it without worry! That is greatness.

    Oh, and I'm going to have to remember your saying about good things coming to people who shop for themselves. That one made me giggle with knowing agreement!

  13. I too have small wrists, but have found some great bakelite bracelets, a memory bracelet which curls around your wrist and some small hinged bangles. Love the idea of putting cork inside. Great idea. Check out my bracelets on my web page -
    Love your blog by the way. Amazing pic with so many bangles at the top.


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