Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Many Thanks to...

All my readers who helped me identify the pillow from my last post, here. I had two leads from Anonymous readers, wish I could thank you by name and one from Leah. Blog readers are the best!!

I knew you guys would come through for me. My (and I use "my" very loosely) fabulous pillow is by Adam and Viktoria. You can see them here. The good news? They are only $265, so I am getting six! Just kidding!!! Don't you know me at all? That is a little high for my daughter's room so I am going to look for something similar.

Once I knew what to look for these pillows started popping up everywhere. Like here in one of my favorite rooms from the HGTV Green Home 2009.

Even better close up.

They are also in the Murano Hotel....loving these colors!!!

They are fabulous and I am sure worth the money. But I don't think these fancy pillows would be happy surrounded by Webkins, Teen Beat posters and IPods. I could be wrong. They may not be snobs, but I am not taking the chance. Have you seen the way my kids treat their pillows? As ammunition, weapons and stepping stones.

So let's take one more good look and then say good-bye. Good-bye fabulous pillow. I won't forget you. Well, unless something better and less expensive comes along.

pictures from: HGTV, Apartment Therapy, More Ways to Waste Time


  1. you're funny. The one you love is the best of all. You'll find something else you love {probably not as much}that's perfect for a 9 year old. And you won't have to worry about all the abuse it will take.

  2. I do love those pillows! I'm looking for some that will suit my family...teenagers, preteens, a dog and a husband...which means I'm not willing to spend a ton on them either. Found some fun pillows at Pier 1 and they were all under $25! Good luck on your search...

  3. How awesome that you found sorry it's so expensive! Maybe just a spin off on the colors...?

  4. Have you looked at They have some cute ones!!

  5. have you seen this fabric?

    it's $15.99 a yard and a similar feel

  6. those are fantastic pillows.
    uber cute.

    just came across your blog...loving it!!!
    will definitely be following

  7. man, thoser are so awesome! I can't wait to see the budget/kid friendly version you find!


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