Friday, January 29, 2010

What I am Loving...

I was recently "tagged" by Janis of Pinecone Camp. You have to check out her blog here. Then make sure you check out her website here. Janis is a lifestyle and interiors photographer and her work will knock your socks off. I think if Janis could photograph my life, it would look a lot more fabulous.

I hesitated to answer all the questions on the tagged list because I am afraid you are tired of hearing about me, so I decided to do something a little different. I am going to do a list of what I am loving right now. Here goes..

1. A great bar cart or bar chic!!

2. My new raincoat. I have been looking for a raincoat with a hood for about 8 years. No joking. I found plenty of cute jackets, just no hoods. I have used the same raincoat for the past 10 years, light blue, from Target. It has just about had it. Boden has some cute ones, but they are heavy duty. I needed something light and I found it Old Navy. It comes in tons of colors, but I think the blue looks best with my orange polka dot rain boots. I am happy...Let it rain!

3. A room that is not too matchy. This decorating is fearless but fabulous. I am going to try and branch out..wish me luck!

4. Big Beads with my bathing suit. OK, really just the big beads. I don't have the nerve, or the body, to skip the top and wear necklaces. But I will say you would get a lot of attention at the pool.

5. Children's rooms that don't look like Spongebob. Or a Disney character.

6. My sconces. I have these same giant over-sized sconces and was wondering if I should keep them on either side of my fireplace. I found this picture yesterday and the answer is yes!!

7. My new purchase from Anthropologie. Dress, but I wore it as a tunic over jeans to dinner last night and liked it. Even better? It's on sale.

That's what I am loving right now. What about you? See anything you liked?

Don't forget to check out Pinecone Camp!! Here and Here

pictures from: Habitually Chic, Old Navy, Eye A Dore You, ?, Full House, Traditional Home


  1. I liked everything! LOVED the kids' room and your dress. And the first picture is fab and, I haven't seen it anywhere yet.

  2. You would look great lounging around in that bedroom with your orange boots and blue raincoat. Wait, that would be too matchy matchy, scratch that !

  3. I actually saw a rain coat with a hood at Target-But I bought one at Dicks for Griffin's football games in the fall and it's lime green-let 's just say he hates when I wear it but that blue one is very nice!

  4. i love it all. the raincoat is adorable. the beads...her body under the beads, the sonces, that bar area...those are my faves. go to my blog right now and help me with a wallpaper question..

  5. I need to head to Old Navy today to buy some dresses. I'm not doing well w/ the maternity jeans!!

    Love your purchase from Anthro. Maybe I should stop in there as well!

  6. great loves. I so agree a childs room should be well not cartoony.

  7. Pic #6 looks alot like your living room with the openings on either side of your fireplace and even the way you have your furniture arranged. It looks also like the fireplace is elevated just like yours is. Save this picture and then compare it to the way your living room will look when you finish your fireplace project.

  8. Thanks for playing along Sissy! I love that raincoat...could really use it hear in Vancouver. Love the bar area - you've given me a great idea.
    As for the giant beads as a bathers top, I do that all the time! ;)

  9. Oh what fun! I loved reading about all of your favorites and have to agree they are some of my favorites as well.

    I was itching to go to Anthro today after seeing that dress I think it's a must!

  10. I suggest you wear the beads instead of the raincoat or swimsuit. I think you should be "Over the top" just like "THAT" girl. By the way, your picks ARE the tops! Have a great weekend! xo sharon

  11. That kid's room is so cute. Very sophisticated but still fun. I like the rest of your list too. xo, Cristi

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  13. I used to have a light-weight rain jacket from Lands End that I loved. I wore it for years until it fell apart, and they don't make it anymore. I'm so excited to head out the Old Navy and check theirs out. If I like it, I'm also going to blog about it and I'll link to your post. I blog about affordable products that I love. Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. All gorgeous picks! My parents had an awesome bar cart when I was growing up, and I always wanted one (Still no room for it tho!). Also, I am with you on the non-matchy matchy look. It's tough to pull off (but I'll bet you can rock it!)

  15. That is so funny you posted about the raincoat- I have been on the hunt for a raincoat with a hood for just as long! I dont get why its so hard to make a raincoat with a hood, I mean its like a no brainer to me, but obvi designers feel differently. I'm so glad I finally found the Old Navy one, it made my whole Winter knowing I have a pretty rain coat all ready come Spring


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