Monday, November 30, 2009

Personality Wrap Up

Last week I did a post on different dining rooms and what they say about our personalities. Missed it? You can see it here. Then, when looking at Christmas wrapping ideas, I realized a lot of the styles fell into the same categories as the dining rooms.

Dr Seuss - Whimsical

And Cartoonish.

Rachael Zoe - Glamorous

With lots of jewels.

Crayola - For the girl who loves color.

Mary Poppins - Practically Perfect
Whether in color or..

Black and White

Nature girl - Sand dollars and..

And fresh flowers.

Benjamin Franklin - Wood grain paper and

Craft Leaves. You know Ben was very creative.

So, does your dining room style match your wrapping style? Mine does. A little Seuss, a little Mary and I am good to go!

pictures from: Southern Crafter, Paper Avenue, A Gift Wrapped Life, Real Simple, Martha Stewart, Real Simple, Design Shrine

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I am thankful for these three monkeys.
Cricket, Peanut and Butterball

I am also thankful that after my camera was broken at the birthday fiasco it is now working again. Sort of. I gave it to Butterball to play with since it no longer worked and after three days of very rough started working again. Only problem? The screen is broken so you can't see your pictures. It's like the old days when you had to wait to get your pictures developed. But hey, better than nothing and it will do for now. Thank you Butterball!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


It's Thanksgiving Eve. Are you getting ready? Plucking that bird? What are you going to do with all those feathers?

You could use them to decorate your home.

And add a little holiday flair to any room.

It's a good look.

Or maybe use them as inspiration for wallpaper. Love this.

Maybe you have a big family and are cooking several turkeys. More turkeys, more feathers. Why not do something dramatic like a feather dress?

These are a couple of examples to get you going, but feel free to go with your own design.

A dress too daunting? What about a handbag? This could be a great after lunch project.

Got any other ideas? Please send me photos of any holiday crafts you make with your left over feathers!!

pictures from: Style Court, House and Home, Country Living, channel 4, Swamibu, Katiedid, Style Spy

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Tradition

Every year since the twins were born I have wanted to start a Thanksgiving tradition of giving them a Christmas tree ornament. Good intentions, no follow through. Until this year. I finally did it. Ordered ornaments for all 3 children. Now let's cross our fingers that they get here by Thanksgiving.

For Cricket I got a cricket. A lucky cricket. Perfect.

For Peanut I got...a peanut. Perfect again.

And for Butterball...I struggled. I wanted a Butterball turkey, but they evidently don't make Christmas tree ornaments, so I had to settle for a Tom Turkey. Not perfect, but it is a start.

Now I need to go back and find ornaments that would be meaningful for each year of their lives. Like when Peanut was so into dressing up as Batman. And when Cricket loved wearing her little pink cowboy boots...

I think it will be a fun to collect different ornaments over the years.
So what about you? Do you have a special Thanksgiving tradition?

Ornaments from:

Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Tables

With Thanksgiving coming up, I know a lot of you will be gathering in your homes for big family celebrations. Not me. We go out to eat. It is good. No cooking. No cleaning. No crying. Well, maybe a little crying. You see your family. Spend a good hour and a half together and then everyone heads home for a nap. It is good to have traditions and this is ours.
But it did get me thinking about dining rooms and what they say about our personalities.

For example..

I call this the Rachael Zoe Room.
This is for the person who loves clothes, fashion, accessories and is bananas for glamour.

The Crayola Room.
You love color and aren't afraid to use every crayon in the box.

The Mary Poppins Room.
Why? It is practically perfect in every way.

Benjamin Franklin Room
Updated colonial at its best. Ben has probably just finished eating and has headed outside to fly his kite.

The Dr. Seuss Room
Whimsical and fun. The perfect room for green eggs and ham.

Nature Girl
You love the outdoors, all God's creatures and recycling.

The Beatles Room
For the girl who grew up wanting to marry Paul McCartney.
She may be in her 50's now, but she still has style.

My favorite?
I think if Mary Poppins and Dr. Seuss got married they could come up with my perfect room.
So which dining room best fits your style?

Pictures: 1-5 House Beautiful, Elle Decor, My Home Ideas

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Philip Gorrivan - Old & New

Did you see Philip Gorrivan's apartment in the December Elle Decor? Did your eyes bug out? Did you drool? Did you want to pinch his button nose and say "Me next!! Me next!! Decorate my house next!" I liked it... I liked it a lot, so I had to track down some more of his work. His site is fabulous. Here.

I also found his old home at New York Social Diary.

It is so fun to go through and find the pieces he kept. Like this fabulous coffee table from his old living room.

That made the move to the new living room.

This mirror also made the move... (The blue vases show up in the new master bedroom)

To the new apartment.

If you take the old dining room chairs and..

Combine them with the brown stripes from the old home....

You get the new dining area.
(I wonder if he had fabric left over or just loved it so much he decided to use it again?)

Old master bedroom.

New master bedroom. Completely different look except for the brown headboard. See, there are those blue vases.

Daughter's room from the old apartment..

Got a total redo except for this LOVE pillow.

Loving the new bedroom.
Get me a bigger bed and I could be perfectly happy in here.

Want to see more of the old and new?
Old at NY Social Diary. New at Elle Decor.

Old or new I like them both. What about you?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What's in Your Bag?

While looking at Homemade Grits I found a cool series of photos from Jason Travis. He takes pictures of hip, attractive, young people in Atlanta. What makes these pictures special? He also photographs the contents of their bags.

I love getting the chance to see what people carry around with them all day.

It is the next best thing to peeping in their homes and you know how I love that.

I would love to show you the contents of my pocketbook, but my camera was recently broken. No names will be mentioned.

But I do have to point out that this girl has my exact camera in her she rubbing it in my face? Plus she has a small child and everything looks so neat and colorful.

They must throw out all the trash and arrange things perfectly to make the mundane look cool.
Want to see the whole series? Click here.
If you live in Atlanta, look out for Jason Travis. He may want to photograph your bag. Mine wouldn't be too interesting...a passy, wallet, phone, small notebook, tons of change, hand sanitizer...I need to get more exciting. What's in your bag? Anything interesting? Do you schlep everything or just the bare minimum?

pictures from: Homemade Grits, Emiry

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