Monday, November 30, 2009

Personality Wrap Up

Last week I did a post on different dining rooms and what they say about our personalities. Missed it? You can see it here. Then, when looking at Christmas wrapping ideas, I realized a lot of the styles fell into the same categories as the dining rooms.

Dr Seuss - Whimsical

And Cartoonish.

Rachael Zoe - Glamorous

With lots of jewels.

Crayola - For the girl who loves color.

Mary Poppins - Practically Perfect
Whether in color or..

Black and White

Nature girl - Sand dollars and..

And fresh flowers.

Benjamin Franklin - Wood grain paper and

Craft Leaves. You know Ben was very creative.

So, does your dining room style match your wrapping style? Mine does. A little Seuss, a little Mary and I am good to go!

pictures from: Southern Crafter, Paper Avenue, A Gift Wrapped Life, Real Simple, Martha Stewart, Real Simple, Design Shrine


  1. That is interesting. I am in the process of redecorating my dining room to have a more glamorous style and that is how I like to wrap my gifts too-heavy on the glam.

  2. Yup - Mary and Ben. A weird combo, but I guess that's me?

  3. in this category i am mary poppins all the way.

  4. Just WISH someone would send me a gift with a fresh peony on top!

  5. I enjoy the Mary Poppins wrapping, so perfect and pretty :)

  6. Hm, you didn't feature my category which would be called "a total mess". I never have the time to make pretty gifts like these... In a perfect world I would be Crayola or Fresh Flowers!

  7. I have a serious love for sand dollars! That wrap is perfect for me.

  8. Don't mind you borrowing my images but would you mind adding the link to my photos so the proper credit is given.....much appreciated.


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