Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What's in Your Bag?

While looking at Homemade Grits I found a cool series of photos from Jason Travis. He takes pictures of hip, attractive, young people in Atlanta. What makes these pictures special? He also photographs the contents of their bags.

I love getting the chance to see what people carry around with them all day.

It is the next best thing to peeping in their homes and you know how I love that.

I would love to show you the contents of my pocketbook, but my camera was recently broken. No names will be mentioned.

But I do have to point out that this girl has my exact camera in her she rubbing it in my face? Plus she has a small child and everything looks so neat and colorful.

They must throw out all the trash and arrange things perfectly to make the mundane look cool.
Want to see the whole series? Click here.
If you live in Atlanta, look out for Jason Travis. He may want to photograph your bag. Mine wouldn't be too interesting...a passy, wallet, phone, small notebook, tons of change, hand sanitizer...I need to get more exciting. What's in your bag? Anything interesting? Do you schlep everything or just the bare minimum?

pictures from: Homemade Grits, Emiry


  1. where are all the receipts?! Is that a pincushion? Yep, my mom had that tomato pincushion most of my life. I'm going to try to pretend that my bag's contents might be photographed at any moment, and maybe it will stay clean.

  2. 12 leaking pens so everytime I reach in my hand is stained, lip stuff, my lockbox key, receipts, tons of business cards, a flattened granola bar, nothing exciting...

  3. is he intending to induce guilt? i have enough, and i carry it with me! to-do lists, bills, wrappers (there goes the diet again), receipts to file, leaky pens, uncapped lipstick that lands under my fingernails..........sigh..........
    but on second thought, i am not a cute young thing so i will be safe walking the streets of atlanta

    hope you replace that camera soon.....and you know your followers would like to see that video :-)

  4. cool. i live in atlanta and i know girl in pic number 2. not sure where, but i do. bag would gross most people out. so no chance of it being in a blog. but i am off to check it out to see if i know more people.

  5. mine would have a stack of random grocery store receipts.

  6. Wow. If someone asked me to empty out my bag I would be afraid because it might case a hole in the sidewalk there is so much stuff in it... These people are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing this! I cant wait to look at the pictures!

  7. What a fun series. I would have to take up a few photos to get all the contents of my bag, I tend to carry alot around with me. Speaking of, I should go clean it out.

  8. Nothing fun in mine. My looks junky compared to these!


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