Thursday, November 19, 2009

Philip Gorrivan - Old & New

Did you see Philip Gorrivan's apartment in the December Elle Decor? Did your eyes bug out? Did you drool? Did you want to pinch his button nose and say "Me next!! Me next!! Decorate my house next!" I liked it... I liked it a lot, so I had to track down some more of his work. His site is fabulous. Here.

I also found his old home at New York Social Diary.

It is so fun to go through and find the pieces he kept. Like this fabulous coffee table from his old living room.

That made the move to the new living room.

This mirror also made the move... (The blue vases show up in the new master bedroom)

To the new apartment.

If you take the old dining room chairs and..

Combine them with the brown stripes from the old home....

You get the new dining area.
(I wonder if he had fabric left over or just loved it so much he decided to use it again?)

Old master bedroom.

New master bedroom. Completely different look except for the brown headboard. See, there are those blue vases.

Daughter's room from the old apartment..

Got a total redo except for this LOVE pillow.

Loving the new bedroom.
Get me a bigger bed and I could be perfectly happy in here.

Want to see more of the old and new?
Old at NY Social Diary. New at Elle Decor.

Old or new I like them both. What about you?


  1. Both spaces are amazing, but I think I like the second one a bit better. I love all the custom window treatments, fabrics and bedding. Can you imagine having a budget like that?

  2. so pretty. i would sell my soul for that coffee table. it is spectacular.

  3. I love the chocolate brown walls and the brown bed in the last picture!

  4. they are both quite drool worthy.

  5. I love both places. How about the blue bamboo chair against the brown wall. Pure genius. So he is a real everyday kind of guy who grew up in Maine with a yankee dad and a wild Moroccan mother. The combo yielded a great decorator.

  6. Awesome post, Sissy! Love seeing the things that he took with him! That's when you know something is really beloved (as opposed to just passing through :-)).

  7. Wow, lots of eye candy! It's always interesting to see how designers reuse items from previous apartments!

  8. I love the stripes in the spaces. Great images.

  9. loved his house, I wanted to kick him out and move right in. The daughers bed is my fav!

  10. I loved this month's Elle Decor. I love that little girls' room with the LOVE pillow. Beautiful.

  11. Both spaces are fantastic - but I'm loving the new! The rooms have a bright and fresh quality to the new master and his daughters room is stunning! Thanks so much for sharing xx

  12. For the most part, I do love the new house. But, the empire striped sofa in the stair hall, and the aqua grasscloth paper in the master from the first house are to die for!

  13. I like them both and really like how all his work seems realistic, pretty, attainable and normal. great post with all the images.

  14. it all looks good to me... great blog... have a wonderful weekend.. pam

  15. Saw him and loved his work. Esp his apt in Elle Decor. Fabulous!


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