Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Tables

With Thanksgiving coming up, I know a lot of you will be gathering in your homes for big family celebrations. Not me. We go out to eat. It is good. No cooking. No cleaning. No crying. Well, maybe a little crying. You see your family. Spend a good hour and a half together and then everyone heads home for a nap. It is good to have traditions and this is ours.
But it did get me thinking about dining rooms and what they say about our personalities.

For example..

I call this the Rachael Zoe Room.
This is for the person who loves clothes, fashion, accessories and is bananas for glamour.

The Crayola Room.
You love color and aren't afraid to use every crayon in the box.

The Mary Poppins Room.
Why? It is practically perfect in every way.

Benjamin Franklin Room
Updated colonial at its best. Ben has probably just finished eating and has headed outside to fly his kite.

The Dr. Seuss Room
Whimsical and fun. The perfect room for green eggs and ham.

Nature Girl
You love the outdoors, all God's creatures and recycling.

The Beatles Room
For the girl who grew up wanting to marry Paul McCartney.
She may be in her 50's now, but she still has style.

My favorite?
I think if Mary Poppins and Dr. Seuss got married they could come up with my perfect room.
So which dining room best fits your style?

Pictures: 1-5 House Beautiful, Elle Decor, My Home Ideas


  1. Oooh, great post! I love the Mary Poppins room, but I'm not quite that daring. So maybe a mix between Mary Poppins and the Ben Franklin? It sounds weird, but it may work.

  2. oh gosh, you have some of my all time favorites, but I love how you named them!! Mary Poppins, Dr. Suess and the Beatles. I want them all. Oh, and the Crayola room, too. {something is wrong with our computer, and now Eloise's name is on all my stuff! how irritating}.

  3. Mary Poppins- love that room! I think my turkey would taste better in that setting!

  4. very pretty DR's! Wish we could go out to eat- I'm having it catered and I didn't know Chelsie and Nathan were eating here AND they're bringing a guest from England so now I need more food and we have to use manners- GREAT!

  5. Such a fun post. I think I'm a nature girl kind of room...

  6. you know i love that jonathan berger dining room but i call that more of an eat-in kitchen area, for the balls out dining rooms i go the beatles room making sweet sweet love to the ben franklin room, and then...that.

  7. I'm going to have to pair up Mary Poppins with Ben Franklin for a love child to suit the ages :-)

  8. Thank you so much for your comment on my recent post. I have had internet problems, along with issues with just about every household appliance you could name, and have had so little time to post on my blog - it is so nice to get a comment and know I have not been forgotten! I love the Dr. Suess room AND the the Ben Franklin one - do you think that makes me a split personality or just fickle? Oh who am I kidding - I love all of them, AND as stressed as I am this week, loving your Thanksgiving tradition!

  9. Very fun post! Love it! Love the chocolate brown walls!

  10. It's tough to choose a favorite out of all of these, but I think I'm with Ben! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  11. Definitely the Dr. Seuss room! Wow, going out to eat sounds great...would make it easier to concentrate on having fun.

  12. I love the Mary Poppins room too. I've always wanted that chandelier.

  13. Mary Poppins meets Rachel Zoe would be my 'Barbie Dream' dining room... Love reading your blog! Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. So not typical Thanksgiving tables...well at least they dont look traditional to me. But, I LOVE them, I cant wait to have a table like one of these one day :)

  15. Cute post!!
    I like the Beatles room - but maybe without the Beatles.... I'm not a huge fan of theirs! (*eek! sorry!!*)
    Also, the Benjamin Franklin room looks interesting and warm.
    Maybe those two together... which is a little crazy, but that's me! ;-)

    Have a great Thanksgiving dinner eating out - sounds like good times to me!


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