Monday, February 22, 2016

Getting Creative

If you follow me on Instagram 
You may have seen this picture over the weekend.

OMG! So much great art!!! I picked three of my favorite pieces from my Pinterest Art Board

   Then Cricket and I grabbed an old canvas from the attic (you wouldn't believe what I have in my attic!!! I wouldn't say I am a hoarder, but I do like to be prepared) painted over it and got to work. 

The canvas is a beast...3 x 4 feet so we started with one corner. So far I am very happy!! Just hoping I don't see something shiny and run off in another direction before I am finished!!!!! Cricket and I were a little impatient and dug all my old acrylic paints out of the that I am liking the direction it is taking I am wondering if I should switch to oils...any thoughts? Not sure if it is worth the cost or extra drying time involved...
What do you think????

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Florence and the Wallpaper

Back in January I asked for help tracking down some fabulous wallpaper and thanks to Kathy, Nicky and Katie, I found out 
My readers are the best!!!
It comes in a ton of colors each one better than the last. 

Japanese Floral

Japanese Floral

This wallpaper brings me lots of joy but sadly joy is expensive. Plus I had to get out my calculator and convert Australian dollars to American dollars and math just sucks the joy out of everything. 

But lets not let a little multiplication and division bring us down, for an uplifting look at fashion and decor be sure to follow me on Istagram. 

Monday, February 8, 2016

Big Love on Instagram

While y'all were probably watching the Super Bowl, sniff sniff, I was on Instagram and got so lost in all that fabulousness I almost didn't make it back out. Which now that I think about it may not be a bad way to go...
Here are a few of my favorites. Some I have been following for a while, some are new, all are good, real good. 

Can you stand it??? I can't.

Those chairs!!! Let me say it again...those chairs!!
It's like a rainbow, a unicorn, and a marshmallow all wrapped up in one chair. 
And I need one, well, really I need two. Who knows what these are called. I may have spent a good part of my night searching for these on Ebay and Etsy. 

The bags, the jewelry, the's all so good!!!
Thank you Stuart for introducing me to this fab line!!
My pocketbook does NOT thank you!! :)

And this just speaks for itself...big heart eyes for this dining room.
Angela at The Painted House is killing it!!! 
The painted panels...she did that herself!!
Check out her blog here and Instagram

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

High Strung

If you live in Wilmington, or heck, probably anywhere in North Carolina, I am sure you already know about High Strung, an amazing jewelry line by an amazing friend, Caroline Lytle. But if you aren't from around these parts let me introduce you to High Strung.

Each necklace is handmade by Caroline and her team. 
And can you stand the hand-painted beads??!!
Somebody has amazing talent...and eyesight!
Of course you know you can wear them but did you know they are not just for wearing....


Hand-painted crosses....

Can all be used to decorate your home. 
Over-sized beads with shells or crosses and tassels made of hemp...fabulous!!!
Every home needs a special accessory or two. 
But if you still want to wear them ...

How about a monogram?
You know Valentine's Day is coming may want to forward this post to your husband. He can buy directly from High Strung at or stop by Crabby Chic here in Wilmington.
Prices start at $55 
You can also follow High Stung on Instagram

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