Tuesday, February 2, 2016

High Strung

If you live in Wilmington, or heck, probably anywhere in North Carolina, I am sure you already know about High Strung, an amazing jewelry line by an amazing friend, Caroline Lytle. But if you aren't from around these parts let me introduce you to High Strung.

Each necklace is handmade by Caroline and her team. 
And can you stand the hand-painted beads??!!
Somebody has amazing talent...and eyesight!
Of course you know you can wear them but did you know they are not just for wearing....


Hand-painted crosses....

Can all be used to decorate your home. 
Over-sized beads with shells or crosses and tassels made of hemp...fabulous!!!
Every home needs a special accessory or two. 
But if you still want to wear them ...

How about a monogram?
You know Valentine's Day is coming may want to forward this post to your husband. He can buy directly from High Strung at or stop by Crabby Chic here in Wilmington.
Prices start at $55 
You can also follow High Stung on Instagram

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