Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Florence and the Wallpaper

Back in January I asked for help tracking down some fabulous wallpaper and thanks to Kathy, Nicky and Katie, I found out 
My readers are the best!!!
It comes in a ton of colors each one better than the last. 

Japanese Floral

Japanese Floral

This wallpaper brings me lots of joy but sadly joy is expensive. Plus I had to get out my calculator and convert Australian dollars to American dollars and math just sucks the joy out of everything. 

But lets not let a little multiplication and division bring us down, for an uplifting look at fashion and decor be sure to follow me on Istagram. 

1 comment :

  1. Love this wallpaper and I had to laugh that math takes all the fun out of design! I completely agree!! I hope you get it and thanks for posting your IG account. I'm off to follow you!!


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