Monday, February 8, 2016

Big Love on Instagram

While y'all were probably watching the Super Bowl, sniff sniff, I was on Instagram and got so lost in all that fabulousness I almost didn't make it back out. Which now that I think about it may not be a bad way to go...
Here are a few of my favorites. Some I have been following for a while, some are new, all are good, real good. 

Can you stand it??? I can't.

Those chairs!!! Let me say it again...those chairs!!
It's like a rainbow, a unicorn, and a marshmallow all wrapped up in one chair. 
And I need one, well, really I need two. Who knows what these are called. I may have spent a good part of my night searching for these on Ebay and Etsy. 

The bags, the jewelry, the's all so good!!!
Thank you Stuart for introducing me to this fab line!!
My pocketbook does NOT thank you!! :)

And this just speaks for itself...big heart eyes for this dining room.
Angela at The Painted House is killing it!!! 
The painted panels...she did that herself!!
Check out her blog here and Instagram

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  1. Hi Sissy, Really nice post I enjoyed it!


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