Monday, February 22, 2016

Getting Creative

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You may have seen this picture over the weekend.

OMG! So much great art!!! I picked three of my favorite pieces from my Pinterest Art Board

   Then Cricket and I grabbed an old canvas from the attic (you wouldn't believe what I have in my attic!!! I wouldn't say I am a hoarder, but I do like to be prepared) painted over it and got to work. 

The canvas is a beast...3 x 4 feet so we started with one corner. So far I am very happy!! Just hoping I don't see something shiny and run off in another direction before I am finished!!!!! Cricket and I were a little impatient and dug all my old acrylic paints out of the that I am liking the direction it is taking I am wondering if I should switch to oils...any thoughts? Not sure if it is worth the cost or extra drying time involved...
What do you think????


  1. Thank you for sharing these decoration ideas. These ideas are so creative. I am glad that you shared them here. I am planning a party at a local event venue and will handle all decoration of my own. This is going to help me a lot.

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