Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Year - New Word

Have you heard? You are supposed to pick at word to guide you and inspire you in 2014. It will help you stay focused and they say. I've been working on mine...Relax or maybe Simplifiy.

I started with relax. Have you ever said to yourself "Relax"? It doesn't really work It starts like this..relax...just relax..Then it ends with RELAX dammit!! Where's my doll??

I switched to Simplify. I have been trying to simplify my life and now I am exhausted....

So I am back to square one and can't decide on my word. Maybe my word should be a phrase...Like "make a decision, who cares what your word is just decide on one and stick with it".

So we have a winner...Relax, simplify and make a decision!! There 2014, I am ready for you!
What about you? Got a word? Ready for the New Year?


  1. Yeah, I think I would need more than one word. I have commitment issues when picking things too so maybe my word should be "Commit." Eh, I'm not feeling it. I'll have to think on it. I'm optimistic for the new year though!

  2. Ha ha ha. You make me laugh, friend. Simplify is a good one.

  3. mine is a phrase..."don't sweat the small stuff". I fret. I am a fretter. I don't want to be like that- so I am working on not getting whipped up about the little things! : D


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