Friday, January 10, 2014

J Crew

I had several e-mails about the shirt I was wearing in my last post...

Embroidered peasant top in stripe

It is from J Crew and it is 40% off. But be careful, it is final sale so you can't return it. 

I have been watching it online for a while and wanted to get it when I was in Atlanta but they only had one left and it was in the window and they would not take it our for me to try it isn't that crazy!!??? So I ordered my normal size and it is BIG. Still, it is so cute I am going to live with it's over sized self and be happy about it...sort of. My sister got the same top (she lives in Charlotte and I didn't know she had it until she saw my post) and when she comes to visit the next time we may swap. 

Embroidered peasant top in green plaid

It also comes in this color ...J Crew

Embroidered peasant top in block print

And this which looks nice and springy..don't you think? J Crew Top

That J Crew Final Sale gets me every time. I swear I am not going to buy anything and then the deals are just too good to pass up. then I have to sweat it out until the item shows up, sometimes they work and sometimes not. Thanks goodness for Ebay! 


  1. Sissy, I was ready to buy (despite the fact that I am taking a shopping break) luckily, they are out of my size. You temptress!


  2. I think I have to have the blue one. I've been visiting it in the store. xoM


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