Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Necklace Remodel

I got this great necklace for my birthday from my sisters. It is from Furbish and although I couldn't find this exact one they still have others that are almost identical here.

I loved it but something about the red, white and blue chain it was hanging from seemed more cruise shop bingo than tribal chic.

So, since Bill was bored and tired of playing golf I found a fun DIY for him.

He got out his handy dandy drill, chipped off the big yellow bead and drilled away...

I cut off the red, white and blue chain, found a silver bead and a leather cord in an old jewelry box and bam!! Back to tribal chic.

Now isn't that so much better??!!

Everyone is happy, especially mama!!


  1. You are so smart and definitely chic . . . tribal or otherwise! Looks great!

  2. Very cool! Aren't you clever! I have that shirt!! And I missed your birthday. V bad friend. So sad. I even saw Betsy and verified the date. xo

  3. Is that top from J.Crew? It's the perfect match for your revamped necklace.


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