Monday, September 30, 2013


You know how I finished my kitchen renovation last December? Well, I still haven't picked out fabric for my roman shade or painted the walls. Right now I am leaning towards this fab Clarence Hall wallpaper and fabric...

Does it make you happy or feel a little crazy?
Keep in mind it would only be on one wall in my kitchen and in my little butlers pantry.

vase wallpaper
Of course the blue is my favorite...
But then I may have too much blue in my house.
I know what you're thinking..."Can you have too much blue?"
Maybe, maybe not...

The yellow makes more sense but it doesn't quite have the same effect as the blue...thoughts?

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Random Thoughts

Have you seen the latest issue of Southern Living and the cottage designed by P Allen Smith?

His living room walls are burlap covered particle board. It's a little hard to see in my iphone picture, but I thought it was an interesting idea...grass cloth look for burlap cheap.

And in other news...every season I love to see the new collection at Hatch.
Love their clothing...

The Pull-Over
The Sweep Dress

The Bateau Top

The Premium Legging
There's only one problem...their maternity pieces. Oh sure, the whole concept is to wear them before during and after pregnancy, but still, a little too close to pregnancy for me to actually purchase. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Phase II

Still working on the entrance hall and this week it was the newel post and balusters. We did a lot of structural work on our house before moving in, like moving every window and adding a second story, so maybe I forgot a few details here and there. For example, we still don't have a doorbell, it just never crossed my mind. Another example is the railing going up to the new second floor. Didn't think about that either until the building inspector said I couldn't move in without one. We only had a day or two to get it installed so someone ran to Home Depot and came back with this beauty...

It's a little country. Bill said "Don't worry, we can replace it"
You know how that goes.,.7 1/2 years later and it is finally getting replaced. I don't have any good before pictures because I have always strongly disliked my entrance hall.

You can see the country spindles here...
And now...

Something a little more my style.

All I need now is a case of caulk and some white paint!!
Isn't it amazing how much joy a little wood can bring you?
So that was my weekend..How about yours? 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Color Wheel

I've got a little story for you. You may not know this, but my dream job is to have my own talk show. You know, if we are dreaming and stuff, not like I am out working hard to make this dream come true. If that doesn't work out, I would love to be a book editor - sitting in my NY office surrounded by stacks of books reading my days away...heaven!!

I even have my outfit picked out...

Cult Of Beauty Hooded Cloak

I would wear this cape as I walked to work...

And these cool librarian glasses

OK, back to my story. I LOVE books, so imagine my excitement when I got home Saturday afternoon to find a package from one of my dearest friends, Heather Cain. Inside was a book, but not just any book, a book written by her sister Katie McDougall.

Let me introduce The Color Wheel by Katie McDougall.
I love nothing better than reading a good book and then passing it on to friends and family, so I wanted to share this one with you. I loved this book and constantly thought about the characters even when I wasn't reading. I worried about them and I am still thinking about them days after finishing the book. One character I wanted to shake and another I wanted to hug...I won't tell you which one until you read it, then we so need to discuss some things.
Plot in a nutshell: Bookworm meets hippie has baby.

Katie is looking for a publisher as we speak, but if you want to be ahead of the game, e-mail Katie at to order your copy for only $15. If you are an e-reader she will send you a pdf by e-mail, it's that easy.

Read this book then pass it on. Talk about it at carpool, your book club, dinner with friends or your spin class (do people still do that?) I am so excited for Katie and can't wait for this book to take off. 
Hurry and get your copy so we can talk about it!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Follow Through

I've been talking about sprucing up my entrance hall for years!!! Several weeks ago I decided I wanted grass cloth and wainscoting. Usually I am an ideas girl with no follow through, well not anymore. Look whats happening as we speak...

Decisions are being made...

Trim is going up...

Progress is being made.

And I am super close to picking a color for the grass cloth.
OK super close might be an over statement but I am getting steps people, baby steps. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

A little help please...

Do you have a favorite pair of jeans? If so, do share. I am on the hunt for the perfect pair and I am willing to pay good money for them IF they are the perfect pair that bring me endless joy and happiness. I used to pay for expensive jeans and we were always very happy together. Then I got cheap and started buying my jeans at Old Navy or J Crew on sale. As I have gotten older my body is less forgiving...I may need expensive jeans and all their magic again. 

Girls' essential Riley jean in rinse wash

I love the look of this pair...the only problem is that they are from Crewcuts...meaning little girl jeans.
At least you get an idea of what I like. So let me here from you...what do you recommend?

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Shopping Lately...

Recently I made a few online purchases and then crossed my fingers....
First up some shoes...

OMG!! So excited!! I love these!!
Sure they came out in the spring but I just stumbled across them and think they will be great for fall...I'm thinking distressed denim, white tee and a camo jacket

And speaking of camo, remember the J Crew jacket I got from Tradesy

atlantic pacific camo skirt chanel coach willis

It is this exact jacket and it is even better than I had hoped!!

Also found this picture online here
Isn't it great??! Did I mention I got it for $18!!!
It almost makes me excited about cooler weather!!

Have you gotten any camo yet? Are you ready for fall???

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