Monday, September 23, 2013

Phase II

Still working on the entrance hall and this week it was the newel post and balusters. We did a lot of structural work on our house before moving in, like moving every window and adding a second story, so maybe I forgot a few details here and there. For example, we still don't have a doorbell, it just never crossed my mind. Another example is the railing going up to the new second floor. Didn't think about that either until the building inspector said I couldn't move in without one. We only had a day or two to get it installed so someone ran to Home Depot and came back with this beauty...

It's a little country. Bill said "Don't worry, we can replace it"
You know how that goes.,.7 1/2 years later and it is finally getting replaced. I don't have any good before pictures because I have always strongly disliked my entrance hall.

You can see the country spindles here...
And now...

Something a little more my style.

All I need now is a case of caulk and some white paint!!
Isn't it amazing how much joy a little wood can bring you?
So that was my weekend..How about yours? 


  1. Looks great! Funny story - I have the exact same newel post and balusters. I painted the handrail and newel posts (there are a few) black thinking that would help. Apparently, replacing the newel post with something like yours would cause a lot of issues with the way our stairs are. So, I finally had my carpenter lop off the top knob on the post and rig it with a different topper. I really want brass knobs but not sure that would fit.

    Your stairwell is looking divine!

  2. You have gone from "country" to elegant . Isn't it amazing how seemingly small changes transform. My feeling is that most people do not notice these details which make all the difference between ordinary and perfect.

  3. we match almost exactly on posts and newell. seeing the new wall mouding that you're adding makes me want to do the same. will you paint the inside of the moulding area the same color as the moulding? would you show photos of it all the way up? pretty please, just for me. I wanna get my hubby to do it for me...thanks, donna


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