Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Shopping Lately...

Recently I made a few online purchases and then crossed my fingers....
First up some shoes...

OMG!! So excited!! I love these!!
Sure they came out in the spring but I just stumbled across them and think they will be great for fall...I'm thinking distressed denim, white tee and a camo jacket

And speaking of camo, remember the J Crew jacket I got from Tradesy

atlantic pacific camo skirt chanel coach willis

It is this exact jacket and it is even better than I had hoped!!

Also found this picture online here
Isn't it great??! Did I mention I got it for $18!!!
It almost makes me excited about cooler weather!!

Have you gotten any camo yet? Are you ready for fall???


  1. Those sandals are hot, as is that vintage crossbody bag in the last picture. Now you'll just have to track down one of those!

    (Can you tell I'm vicariously shopping through you?)

  2. You are so chic. I'm not sure I can pull off the camo (lots of hunters around these parts - they might get confused and invite me along), but I do really like that look especially with the stripes. Loving those sandals.

  3. OK I love those sandals. I'm loving that heel. And I've never heard of Tradesy!! I'm heading there now!! I have no camo and am having a hard time buying fall clothes as it is still soooo hot in Dallas. I'm sweating by 9 am! xo

  4. CUte sandals! ANd I love your jacket! Its fabulous! You will get so much wear out of it! I have my repetto camo ballerinas that I adore, and wear them all the time...and I have a Heidi Merrick dress from probably one h=of her first collections that I adore! ANd even though its 7 years old it's still so in fashion!


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