Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Follow Through

I've been talking about sprucing up my entrance hall for years!!! Several weeks ago I decided I wanted grass cloth and wainscoting. Usually I am an ideas girl with no follow through, well not anymore. Look whats happening as we speak...

Decisions are being made...

Trim is going up...

Progress is being made.

And I am super close to picking a color for the grass cloth.
OK super close might be an over statement but I am getting steps people, baby steps. 


  1. Looking good!! Can't wait for that grasscloth to happen - whatever color you choose and whenever you choose it! ;)

  2. Progress is a beautiful thing, especially yours!

  3. Sissy, I like the direction your headed. I used to never procrastinate but . . .


  4. Can't wait to hear how the grasscloth turns out. I'm considering the same look for our entry, but I'm worried that the seams will bother me. But, I think if I buy the 'good' stuff it can't look that bad.


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