Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Around Here

I've been spending most nights with Jessica...

Jessica Seinfeld and her fabulous new cookbook. 
Did y'all try that chicken and potatoes recipe I blogged about here?
Everything I have tried so far has been excellent and easy!! 
I highly recommend this cook book.
More details on what I've been fixing later..

This wallpaper may move from the dining room to the kitchen...

Found this giant basket at I am on the search for a fiddle leaf fig tree. 

And I have narrowed down the search for a paint color for Bill's den. 

So, what's going on with you?


  1. Keep posting photos of your progress. Love it!

    You can find fiddle leaf figs at Lou's Flower World on Oleander.

  2. love the wallpaper and dying for navy paint somewhere!!! keep posting

  3. Yay, house photos! You know I adore that wallpaper - wherever you put it. Fiddle leaf figs are fickle, I tell you. I already killed one but still want another. It's a sickness. And blues - ahh. Love. Still haven't tried Jessica's recipes or bought her book. I probably should as our culinary variety is severely limited over here. :)

  4. I am distracted by the handsome man sipping coffee and what appears a woman standing lovingly behind him. Looks a bit vintage.
    Love your choice for your husband's den colors. I am on a decorating hiatus with friends coming for breakfast on the 16th.

  5. What, in good heavens, is that wallpaper? It looks amazing.

  6. That looks like a cookbook I could put to good use! Love the wallpaper and the paint option. So much fun! I have had a fiddle fig leaf for about a year now and it's going strong. I only water it when the leaves start to droop and it loves me for it. Happy hunting!


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