Monday, November 4, 2013


Phillip Lim mini pashli

Love the whole outfit. 

vintage GUESS booties

The boots remind me of my never ending search for my vintage Guess booties.
Do you remember them from the 80's? To complete the outfit you needed a pair of Guess jeans and a white v-neck t shirt. I had a leather pair and a suede pair. I feel sure I wouldn't have thrown them away but I can't find them anywhere and I just can't bring myself to pay $80 for a used pair when I think mine are lurking in the attic.

The pair she is wearing is Theyskens' Theory Ying Boot  and they are sold out everywhere...bummer.

Do you remember the 80's or are you a tad younger than me?


  1. I'm pretty sure both Brenda Walsh and Kelly Taylor rocked these circa '91 or '92.

    Everything old is new again, I suppose.

  2. I totally had those booties. High school/college era for me. I'm pretty sure mine are gone. I'm very fickle about my shoes. When they're "out," they're gone. If I waited for them to come back in style, I'd look like the crazy shoe lady.

    Maybe you could pick up a pair at a thrift shop if you can't find yours??

  3. I still have my Guess booties, but they are brown alligator. Are they "in" or "out"? I'm so not up-to-date with fashion.

  4. I wore those very shoes on my first date with my husband! Talk about a flashback! Are they seriously back in again? Where have I been...


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