Friday, November 8, 2013

Happy Toast

A fire is never a good thing BUT..since my old toaster went up in flames I ran to Target last night for a replacement. Bill asked if I got white or stainless...I said neither...

I got a happy toaster!!
Making breakfast has never been so fun!
And since my crock pot recently died...
Crock-Pot® Cook ‘N Carry® 5-Quart Manual French Bull Slow Cooker
I am thinking I need this. 
You can see the whole line here.
Do you like or is it a little much for you?


  1. fun! Both my toaster & crockpot are stainless, kinda bland. These would be great for a pop of color in an understated kitchen...

  2. I knew we would all tire of stainless eventually. How fun!


  3. oh so funny. I had the crock pot in my cart. But then I felt guilty because my crock pot works fine. But it's ugly. Every time I go to Target I visit this!!


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