Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sigourney and Me

(Wallpaper not Weaver)
I fell in love with this picture last November. It is from the December 2012 Issue of Southern Living. 

I just couldn't get this fabulous wallpaper out of my mind. Change the green velvet to blue and I was in business. I didn't know who made the wallpaper until I saw...

This on The Designer's Attic
Shannon provided the missing info - China Seas: Sigourney
After a quick call to my sister Susan (not to be confused with rug sister Betsy)  a sample was on it's way. 

And here it is. 
You probably can't tell but the gray in the wallpaper picks up the gray in my counter tops which equals joy. 
And it's a lot of joy but it's also a lot of $$$ so I am going to stew over this one for awhile. Thoughts?


  1. oh my word. YES.

    steal the $$$ from your kids' piggy banks, if you must...


  2. I like it A LOT. It is fab.

    I have my heart set on a few things for the house that I am stewing over as well. Decisions, decisions.

  3. It's stunning. I fell in love with it when I saw a dining room that Phoebe Howard has on her's a must!!!

  4. I love that room too and adore anything China Seas/Quadrille/Alan Campbell related. You can't go wrong with any of those prints. But, yes, the money always is a pesky little detail. I say save your pennies and make it happen. What a statement it will make!!

  5. I love it.....and yes it's $$$. Could possibly have it painted on.....either way....yes.

  6. I am with Donna. Steal if you have to.
    There is a design store in Dallas called Blue Print that has this wall paper on the back wall of the store. Fabulous. Do it.

  7. check it out.

  8. LOVE that wallpaper!!! Where are you planning on putting it or did I miss that?

  9. LOVE it. I loved that room, too. Get your mama to get it for you. xxooM.

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  11. Perfect. As a wallpaper designer for over 20 years.. believe me, I love the big patterns in smaller spaces... total impact! Love the print. Go for it.


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