Friday, January 25, 2013

Around Here...

Did you see Leandra's post about hair? VIS (Very important stuff)
 I'll give you the cliff notes, she cut her hair. Guess what? So did I. Over 6 inches. Well above my shoulders. I call it a choppy bob. I did it in two steps. 4 inches the first time, a week and a half later 2 more inches. I think they call that the chicken cut. 

You may know her better as the Man Repeller. And my style hero. This is how I would dress if I were 20 years younger, lived in New York, and was super brave.

And it is stinking cold here!! Winter is the worst invention ever!!!
Have a great weekend and if you have any tips for staying warm, let me know!!

P.S. Anyone else thinking about chopping their hair?
Anyone else afraid of the cold?


  1. I want anne hathaway's new SHORT cut, but of course, I don't have the face to go with it...

  2. I never thought of it like that but I am afraid of the cold, too! I honestly think I will die when it gets this cold (I am in Wilmington, too).

  3. Jenny @ MFAMB just did a post on hair yesterday. Must be something in the water. Okay, I want to see your hair!! I'm not holding my breath, but I want what I want. And the MR girl looks very cute with her shorter locks and rockin style. I'm not quite that brave, but she looks perfect. Agreed on winter. It sucks. I hate cold. My husband loves it. Boo.

  4. of course I am afraid of the cold. I wear my coat in my house. Please take a picture and send it to me. I know you look like a million bucks, and I can't wait to see it. xo

  5. All-right Sissy, you read my mind. I have those grey skunk stripes going through my long hair. I can get away with not coloring it but a cut would be a bold and brazen move. Ummmm!
    You may have brought me to the brink.



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