Friday, May 28, 2010

Glenn Harmon

It's a holiday weekend. Are you planning to shop? Well I have a treat for you. A welcome shot of glamour for the Wilmington design market.

If you like wallpaper panels...

And fabulous fabric (who doesn't love Imperial Trellis), you are going to love this new store.

Wondering where to buy an African Juju hat? Look no further.

Glenn Harmon is open and ready for business. Located in Lumina Station it is a one stop shop for all that is glamorous and hip.

Want to see more? Enjoy...

So much good stuff to see.

Want to change your look but feel overwhelmed?

Don't know where to start?

Not to worry.

Store owners Robin Stanfield and Sarah Harmon make house calls.

They will come over and get you straightened out in no time.

They will work with what you have and add a little something new to get you out of that time warp you have been living in.

Something new like this big fluff of fabulousness. Would this Juju hat not bring you joy every time you saw it? I wonder if they come in blue...

I think it is going to rain today, so it is the perfect opportunity to stop by and see Robin and Sarah
Glenn Harmon
1900 Eastwood Road
Wilmington, NC 28403

If you buy the Juju hat call me. I want to make sure it gets a good home.

pictures from: House and Home, Decor Pad, Splendid Willow

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bye Bye Nate

Did you see Oprah on Tuesday? It was Nate's last appearance. Seems he is leaving the nest to start his own show.

This is Nate's first visit on Oprah eight years ago. What's even funnier than his hair is the fact that I wondered if he was single. I'm a little slow.

Let's look back on some of the highlights...

His very first makeover was one of my all time favorites. This 319 square foot apartment is amazing.

It's all good.

I loved this home makeover from Alabama, but had a hard time finding good photos. The wallpaper, the chest, the light..years later it stills looks fabulous and current.

Here is another view from the living room into the dining room. The dining room was my favorite! I'll keep trying to find a photo to share, but in the meantime enjoy the giant Wisteria urns on the back wall. Do you have a favorite Nate makeover or moment?

P.S. Nate, I want a job. Nothing too demanding. I would be glad to help on your new show. I have lots of useful skills. It might be better to discuss my qualifications in person. Call me! Love, Sissy

pictures from: Oprah

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Time to Focus...

I have decided to finish some projects around the house. First up, Cricket's bed. I never made the fabric covered panels to cover the ends and sides of her bed. It just seemed like too much of a good thing. Well, today I decided I will just make panels for the head and foot of her bed. See, I am making some decisions...

I have several ideas and wanted to try them out on poster board first. I got my scissors, glue and ribbon and went to work. Butterball also had his scissors, glue and ribbon. We were happily working away. I was evidently more involved in my project than I realized. He came over to check out my progress and when he did....

A curl fell on my poster board. Now it doesn't look like much, but on my way to the kitchen to throw it away, I found 6 other curls on the floor. Thank goodness he still has a headful, although his bangs are shorter and his whole do looks a little lopsided.

You will be happy to know I didn't let his haircut interfere with my crafting project. Using this Amanda Nesbit room as inspiration, I thought a headboard with ribbon trim might work.

It would be in a solid blue, the same color as the bed skirt, with white ribbon.

Or I could go with a more dramatic shape but no ribbon. Still in a solid blue maybe with a nail head trim.

This is, of course, not to scale but I am loving the shape. I wish I could do this shape with..

This fabric to match the bed skirt, but I am afraid it would be hard with the geometric pattern. All the curves and corners are scaring me with the pattern. Here's where you come in...which one do you like better? Have you ever made an upholstered headboard with a geometric fabric? Did it get distorted? Thoughts, opinions, ideas?

Monday, May 24, 2010

Gramercy Baby

Last week I got a comment from another blogger and decided to pop over to say hi. I was in for a treat! Gramercy is not only a blog but also a linen store in Atlanta. While looking through the blog I was totally smitten with the pictures of Jenny's nursery and darling baby girl.

Is the above picture not the best advertisement? Those pillows!! That monogram!!! That Baby!!

I don't know what to look at first, Baby B, the art work or the mirror.

These fabulous photos were taken by Shelli Allen. You have got to check out her website.

Want to see more of Baby B's nursery? You can see more photos here. Be sure to check out the Gramercy blog and if you are in Atlanta, please stop by the store and tell me all about it! I am going to have to get myself to the big city sooner rather than later. Anyone up for a road trip?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Dorothy Draper Heaven

In three weeks my in-laws are taking us to The Greenbrier. Thank you Papa John and Gigi! By "us" I mean everyone except Butterball. He's not really resort material.

I can't wait to see all the fabulous Dorothy Draper decor.

It's like Willy Wonka married a Southern gal with strong ties to the Junior League.

In preparation, I bought Cricket this adorable dress and

These sandals. I tried to squeeze myself into a bigger size in the dress and shoes. No luck. So here's the question-what's mama going to wear?

pictures from:
The Greenbrier, Regency Furniture, GapKids, Old Navy

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Good Night Sleep Tight

I am helping a friend spruce up her daughter's room and we are considering a daybed.

I've been collecting inspiration pictures and they are so fun I had to share them.

What I love about most of these rooms is that they don't scream children's rooms.

Just between you and me I am not crazy about the mermaid, but the rest is good.

Love the pillows. Maybe we will make a silhouette pillow for A.C.

Crazy good.

This is just crazy fun.
Do you have a favorite?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bubble Bowl

Have you ever seen an accessory, chair, fabric, that you like and then it seems to pop up everywhere and haunt you?

That's how I feel about the bubble bowl. Love it.

It shows up when I least expect it.

And I can't seem to track it down.

Doesn't it look like something Jonathan Adler would make? Maybe he did make it.

They remind me of this little bowl I bought at my favorite thrift store. It's pretty close isn't it?

So what about the original? Can you guys help me? Any info?

pictures from: Shelter, Elements of Style, House Beautiful, Shelter,Blue Hydrangea

Monday, May 17, 2010

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti

While looking at the LA Times website I stumbled across the home of Lisa Borgnes Giramonti.

Artist and blogger of A Bloomsbury Life.

I think she does a great job of making traditional furnishings look modern and fresh.

Not your grandmother's dining room. Love the bookshelf wallpaper and horseshoe bench.

Also love that she is not afraid to mix high and low. With all her antique pieces she has thrown in a few pieces from Home Goods (elephants) and Pottery Barn (runner).

Does this picture remind you of Domino? I know I recognize the wall paper and look at the bottom of the stairs. Isn't that a sheep? O.K. The wallpaper could have been a coincidence, but the wallpaper and the barnyard animal? It has got to be the same house. I tried to pull up some pictures of this home from Domino, but didn't have any luck. Am I crazy or do you remember this too?

Pictures and info from the LA Times

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