Friday, May 21, 2010

Dorothy Draper Heaven

In three weeks my in-laws are taking us to The Greenbrier. Thank you Papa John and Gigi! By "us" I mean everyone except Butterball. He's not really resort material.

I can't wait to see all the fabulous Dorothy Draper decor.

It's like Willy Wonka married a Southern gal with strong ties to the Junior League.

In preparation, I bought Cricket this adorable dress and

These sandals. I tried to squeeze myself into a bigger size in the dress and shoes. No luck. So here's the question-what's mama going to wear?

pictures from:
The Greenbrier, Regency Furniture, GapKids, Old Navy


  1. How lucky are you?! You didn't tell me. I love the clothes for Cricket, and I KNOW you have darling things to wear. So much fun! xo

  2. That sounds like the best time! Take lots of Dorothy Draper's vision, have her book, she is so fab! I think she would have loved your daughter's outfit! No doubt you will pull something together that is perfect as well!

  3. That dress is so cute! I love it.

  4. hahahaha poor Butterball gets shafted from the family outing-poor little guy!

  5. Cute outfit!

    Can't wait to see/hear all about it!

  6. I adore Dorothy Draper! I would love to visit this place. Looking forward to hearing all about it!
    Have a fabulous weekend.

  7. My sister went last fall and said it is amazing. Every detail is thought out, from the doorknobs to the heating vents. Enjoy!

  8. Butterball was invited. He just opted out! We'll make it up to him later.
    We're looking forward to our family weekend there.

  9. So jealous! Can't wait to read all about it. BTW - that dress is fabulous - lucky girl.

  10. Oh yay :)
    And too cute, my girls have a papa + gigi too. Love that! xx

  11. "It's like Willy Wonka married a Southern gal with strong ties to the Junior League." That is soooo darn funny!! You crack me up! Now, as to dressing Mama... How about a pretty little Lilly Pulitzer shift with Jack Rodgers sandles? I find that I can never really go wrong when I stick with the classics. The Greenbriar is amazing... take lots of photos!
    P.S. Stop by my blog to get in on my first giveaway!

  12. Oh how I love Dorothy Draper. The black white checked floors all the patterns and color, Oh My!1 What a wonderful trip, take lots of picts, Kathysue

  13. Love the Greenbrier. I hope you have a great time. Have a great weekend.

  14. You're going to love it! It's one of the best places ever!


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