Monday, May 17, 2010

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti

While looking at the LA Times website I stumbled across the home of Lisa Borgnes Giramonti.

Artist and blogger of A Bloomsbury Life.

I think she does a great job of making traditional furnishings look modern and fresh.

Not your grandmother's dining room. Love the bookshelf wallpaper and horseshoe bench.

Also love that she is not afraid to mix high and low. With all her antique pieces she has thrown in a few pieces from Home Goods (elephants) and Pottery Barn (runner).

Does this picture remind you of Domino? I know I recognize the wall paper and look at the bottom of the stairs. Isn't that a sheep? O.K. The wallpaper could have been a coincidence, but the wallpaper and the barnyard animal? It has got to be the same house. I tried to pull up some pictures of this home from Domino, but didn't have any luck. Am I crazy or do you remember this too?

Pictures and info from the LA Times


  1. Isn't she the coolest? I always enjoy her blog posts. From what I can gather, her home is a perfect reflection of her unique style. I am a huge fan!!

  2. That dining room is to die for. I still can't figure out the sheep trend though.

  3. I love that wallpaper, and I know I've seen it before. It looks like a Braemore cherry blossom fabric I've seen. I'm not sure if it was in Domino or not, but it should have been!

  4. I am a fan of her blog too. Domino? I can see the photo of the hallway in my head... door open, stairwell on left... Sheep. Don't get the sheep draw either. But I don't have to get it. :)

    Thanks for sharing.
    mb from Dallas

  5. the wallpaper is called Flowering Quince from Clarence House and I know that Domino featured a bedroom with it

  6. I agree she does have a twist in her designs that make her home very appealing. Love the wallpaper on the stairs what a statement it makes. Great personality in her designs, Kathysue

  7. that wallpaper was from chloe redmonds bedroom in domino..with the big green headboard?! can't ever for get it!
    great post!

  8. It was either Domino or Elle Decor...I know for sure b/c that sheep image is on my blog, for my counting sheep post a bit back...I had asked her permission, but I think I got it off a magazine site! She is the coolest, her blog, her home...I die! :)

  9. Dearest Blue Hydrangea,

    Your post is so sweet -- I am truly honored! Robin and Rikshaw are right...the Clarence House "Flowering Quince" wallpaper was featured in a few Domino spreads (although not from my house). And I bought the sheep six years ago from Moss in NY. (I have a sheep fetish -- it's part of my English countryside fixation.)

    You have a beautiful blog and lovely readers. Thank you for making my day. xxx

  10. I love that she too mixes the high end with the not so expensive. I think that shows talent! The wallpaper is fabulous!

  11. LOVE the horseshoe bench- What a home full of character! xx

  12. I dont remember this in domino...but who knows. I love her's very different.

    Jen Ramos

  13. Please, Lisa, if you're still reading these comments, could you tell me if the bookshelf wallpaper is still available and where?

    I just love the over crowded order of it all.


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