Monday, August 17, 2009


Your entrance hall is important. It is the first thing your guest see when they come to your home. It is the only thing door to door salesmen see. What does your entry say about you? Mine? Mine say "Welcome. We are plain, boring and vanilla. Please don't expect any surprises." I hope that is not how my house looks but my entry is a total bore. I showed a peek of it here. It needs help. I tried to paint stripes when I was 8 months pregnant. I loved them for 6 weeks after Butterball's birth. Then my hormones started to level off and so did my love for the stripes. Oh, I love stripes. Just not the color of the stripes I painted in a pregnancy induced frenzy.

I adore a round table in an entrance hall. Especially one with books. I would love to have a round table in my entry, but then I wouldn't be able to open the door. It's always those small details that kill you.

Another round table, more books. It's a good thing!

More fabulous wallpaper!

And stripes. See, I do like stripes. Maybe I should have painted mine horizontally.....

This entrance hall is full of personality. Sure it may be Willy Wonka's personality...I wonder if you lick the stripes if they taste like chocolate?

Some people show their personality on the stairs...

Caution, don't walk up the stairs if you are tired or have had a glass of wine. I love lucite, plastic, see through things. But stairs? Not so much. I will give them a check plus for cool. Check minus for practicality.

What about a bright, funky color on the door?

This foyer says "You're at the beach, relax. Drink a beer or two. We're not too fancy."

(Does anyone recognize this picture? I can't find the source and would love to credit them.)

This entry says cozy and welcoming. And they have a cute Orla Kiely bag I might want to borrow.

Sophisticated and sleek.
You'd better have on a fabulous outfit, or you can just go on home!

Tiny but fabulous!
I would love to wallpaper my entrance hall, but that would mean making a decision. Do you remember how long it took me to pick fabric for the pillows in Bill's office? It wasn't pretty.

So, what does your entrance hall say about you?

pictures from: Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Canadian House & Home, Decor Pad, Domino from High Fashion Home, Trey & Laura, Country Living.


  1. you make me laugh out loud in the morning, which isn't always easy. You don't have a vanilla entrance hall!! And you have two, sort of, which is instantly interseting, I think. Anyway, aren't these all so fabulous?! Except the WIlly Wonka one {funny girl} has lawys given me a headache. Do you have pictures of your ill-fated stripes?!

  2. I just love all your pictures today! And I agree- I really like a round table in the foyer. So if it shows our personality-mine must say I'm very poor! It is HUGE-bigger than the living room and there's not one thing in it! Can't figure out what to do with it so when people come to the front door, I pretend we just moved in even though we've been here over 2 yrs. You'll have to come visit!

  3. Love the orangey stairs and the one with the green door. Looks like a Dash & Albert rug in there(which I love). I've completely ignored our entryway, because painting it means also painting the kitchen, and I have serious paint-color paralysis happening. Since the entry is the ground floor (living is on 2nd floor), the entryway doesn't even look like it belongs to our house!

  4. I think my entrance says - this is a house that's not really ours - we just fill the space. In other words - BORING!

    In my first home, we actually used the back door/mudroom more often the front door, so I painted it red - it was a wonderful and dashing entry - even if it was the BACK door!

  5. I wish I had an entrance hall! I do think the entrance is very important~first impression of the inside of a house. I just posted some pics of a friend's hallway in her new house. It is great because of the architectural, wood elements.

  6. All those entrance halls look gorgeous but the one with the black and white stripes played tricks with my eyes:)

  7. Gorgeous pictures! I'm loving the green door!

  8. Hi Sissy!
    what a great post! hope your doing well!

  9. I love a beautiful entry, sadly, we don't really have one. There is way to make an entry when you walk in, it bugs me so!!!!

  10. Wow, so many great suggestions! I would have painted it striped AND added a funky color to the door! If you have room for a skirted table, I would definitely go for that as well!!

  11. WHEN I have an entry hall, I will treat it like another room. I already have fabulous ideas that will sadly have to wait.

    Love the wallpaper and stripes though!

  12. Wow, great pix! I love the entry with the mix of stripes, zebra, and giant mirror! Awesome. I also love the wallpaper ones. Sigh, since i live in a rental, I don't dare wallpaper :-(

  13. gorgeous images. my entry says.."umm...what is this room supposed to be?" and "ewwww"....might come to mind as well.

  14. Another thought on your lucite stairs-you wouldn't want to wear a skirt or dress going up them if for instance- the pizza delivery guy was waiting for your to go get your wallet

  15. I am planning our the entry in our new home as we speak so this post is quite timely. I have a tailored skirted table in mind and the ones you posted are beautiful!

  16. love all of these!! I wish I had a little more space to do somethign really cool in my enterance- maybe something like the 3rd picture down. I'm saving it for future inspiration, thanks!!

  17. What a great post! You couldn't be boring and vanilla - your blog is too good! I think you should make your entry (or one of them) like the last picture - it is colorful and fresh and young and happy, and that is how you strike me! Maybe you could just copy that wallpaper and then you wouldn't have to decide anything!!

  18. Ah totally jealous of all of those entry way. I don't have one. My front door opens into a small space with closets and you are met with another door to the living room.


    Love all that inspiration!

  19. The green door is fabulous. What a great idea. We paint the exterior, why not paint the side you see every day?

  20. ohhhhh loving the last one - that blue and white wallpaper is to die for. I want to wallpaper the very very tiny entry hall I have - but how to choose?! xx

  21. Love an entrance that says- Let's drink a beer or two! :)


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