Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Beads, Baubles and Bracelets

I love to use unexpected treasures to decorate. I think it gives a home some personality. One of my favorite things to use is jewelry. Not some dinky old gold chain from the '80's, but big, fun statement pieces or beads. It doesn't have to fancy, but it needs to be fun, colorful or meaningful.

I have actually been looking for some big, funky, yellow beads. To wear, of course, but also because I have the perfect spot to hang them.

Plus, if you can use your jewelry for fashion and home accessorizing, it is like getting two uses for the price of one.

This would be a fun closet to play dress up in.
It belongs to Mary McDonald. Maybe I will call her for a play date.
It looks like she has good jewels.

Can you see that funny wooden bowl/pedestal thing? If you could see it close up, it is full of jewelry. I also love the bag and hat hanging on the wall. Nice touch!

This has kind of a hippie chic look going on.
I may try to start picking up beads and bracelets on my travels. Travel where, I don't know, but something to keep in mind. Much better than a snow globe. (No offense to all you folk who collect snow globes)

Somebody has been collecting bracelets...

That coral wouldn't stand a chance with Butterball around.
It's a shame because I love the look with the bracelets.

I've shown this picture before, but I just love it. I love the orange trays and the blue beads. And the silver and the magazines. I would leave the orange trays out all the time.

I move my favorite pieces around a lot. I can't wear them all the time and by hanging them or laying them around I still get to see and enjoy them. Right now I have a beaded necklace in my entrance hall on some books (yes, that same picture from last Monday) and another necklace with a picture of my husband when he was 6 hanging on my inspiration board. Seeing these throughout the day makes me happy.

Where do you keep your jewelery? Out of sight or out to enjoy?

pictures from: Black and Spiro, MA Belle, Style Court, Domino, Point Click Home, and Canadian House & Home.


  1. My jewelry is kept out of sight. All mine are so very simple, but I think a few fancy pieces for decorating purposes my be fun!

  2. you're funny with your Mary McDonald playdate!! I noticed your necklace in your entrance hall picture and thought it was a good look. Oh, you know which picture you could add to that post. Remember that gil with the cool house in Charleston(featured in Charleston Home and Cottage Living)- she's a jewelry maker, and her bedroom was so awesome (in Cottage Living). She used her jewelry for display too- loved that picture of her bedroom.

  3. My jewelery is actually stored in two different ways. Family heirlooms and expensive jewelery is kept in a jewelery box, and the less expensive, everyday stuff is displayed in our bathroom, hanging on a Moroccan hook :)

  4. I have a large jewelry box and then I have several other boxes...all in various woods....I love hunting and finding rare treasures.
    Pretty pix!

  5. I love decorating wit Baubles! lol. I have them all over my house and I love it.

  6. Mine is stored away but my favorites are always hung on lamps or over mirrors in my house. I also love the photo of the orange trays with the silver...and those beautiful roses!

  7. I looove this collection of pictures, especially the "hippie chic". That's the perfect turquoise paint, IMHO. I've never thought to use my jewellry for decoration, but it's a great idea. right now it's all in a very nice wooden box on my dresser. But I have a fab pair of red beads that would look great on display.

  8. Oh man, I am with you on the orange tray, blue beads and silver... gorgeous!!! My jewelry is stored in a shadowbox style jewelry box. It has a glass case, so the jewelry is protected, but you can also see it, which is nice :-)

  9. I keep my jewelry in my office/den/dressingroom... all displayed on hooks... sometimes hanging a bohemian wooden piece layered with a string of pearls... I also use old gaudy rhinestone brooches and earrings on my memo board... I love gazing at them and having them at my fingertips when I want. I can see I'm not alone now...

  10. I've been meaning to fix up my dresser and put out my jewelry like one of these- great inspiration and perfect timing, thanks!!

  11. I love jewerly is out of control all over the place wherever i ditch it

  12. Great post! I don't have very much jewelry... but I keep my earrings out on my dressing on a cute stand.


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