Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Out and about in the big city of Wilmington....Last night a friend of mine had a clothing sale for John O'Donnell of Johnnie-O. All the way from L.A John brought his own style of "West Coast Preppy." Johnny-O is an "apparel and lifestyle brand that merges casual West Coast Style with the refined East Coast feel." All I know is that he made a polo look hip. That is all my husband wears so I was thrilled to get him a couple of shirts with a little more style.

Frank Hobart, John O'Donnell and Al Marr

John is wearing the Men's Four Button favorite. Does he look familiar? Here's a fun fact I found on his web-site: John was named one of People Magazine's 50 Most Eligible Bachelor's in 2008. Let me tell you, Wilmington is a happening place!

The Johnnie-O logo is a surfer with his board and I loved the surf board cookies with the name. Great touch!

Men's Four Button Polo: $44

Women's Plaid Logo Tee $22

Kid's Jr. Polo $32

I got the boy's pale green polo. I love the fit and think it will look great with a pair of white pants or boyfriend jeans. Not to worry they do have women's styles and sizes as well as childrens. They also have more than polos: t-shirts, shorts, belt, hats. You have got to go check out the web site here.

While yakking and shopping I snapped a few pictures. I may have to go back and get more because Jane has a great house. Love these urns in front of the fireplace.

She even had the outside set up and festive. Can you tell her outdoor furniture is covered in orange and white ticking?

New pillows...

Don't tell the seahorse but the octopus is my favorite!

It was a fun night of shopping followed by dinner out with friends. I'm tired and Bill did not proof read my blog this apologies if you find any glaring mistakes.

Don't forget to check out the Johnny-O website and if you ever get a chance, go to one of his shows. Not only will you have a great time you will leave with some great looking clothes. What more could you want?

Going Once, Going Twice...

Have you ever been to an auction? Well, I hadn't until this past weekend. I kept hearing about the great deals at Big South Auction and Antiques and decided to check it out. It was so much fun and I can't wait to go back and actually buy something. Sunday was a learning experience, but now I am good to go!

John Ward used to own a great store in Wilmington, Reynolds and Wales, where I bought several pieces of furniture I love. Recently he has turned his store into an auction house with a live auction every 2 weeks. He has furniture and accessories from estates as well as homes in bankruptcy. It is a mixed bag of treasures and you never know what will be coming in next.

O.K. the print is not my taste but I thought the mirror frame would be great with a different piece of art.

I considered this for Butterball's room but couldn't make up my mind...surprising.

Loved these twin beds.

Great for a boy's room or den.

All these need are a paint job and new fabric... I wish I could tell you what more of these items sold for, but I couldn't stay long. Although I was having a ball I had three kids waiting to go to the pool.

I can tell you this lamp sold for $40. Not a great picture and it is not everyone's style, a little Liberace, but it sure would make a statement.

This bow front chest was great looking and sold for only $700!! I was tempted, but I didn't need it, so some other lucky buyer got it.

Off to one side was all the loot for another auction coming up.

Don't you love that giant (and it is giant) turquoise door? I think all this is from a house at the beach. I could peek in the corner and see some really interesting things. Can't wait for the next auction, now that I know the lingo and what is going on. For example, I now know not to jump up screaming "Oh, that's so cute!! I want it!! I want it!!" No matter what your age it is important to grow and learn.

If you live in Wilmington, N.C. or anywhere close by, you have got to stop by Big South Auctions and Antiques. Tell John I sent you. More info here.
Just don't bid against me!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Cottage Love

I found this perfect cottage on VT Interiors Library and just had to share.

Love the vine growing over the door and the Snowball Hydrangeas.

If only my yard looked this manicured and green....

The interiors are just as fabulous. Enough but not over done.

I love how they used the table as a desk in an unexpected spot.

This kitchen! Oh, this kitchen! I think I love everything about know I have a problem with kitchen envy. Probably because mine was last updated in the 80's and my dishwasher is over 30 years old. I am holding on until it becomes an antique. Soon they will be bringing school children on tours of my kitchen to show them how people used to cook "in the old days."

If you want to see more from Gregga Jordan Smieszny click here.

Friday, June 26, 2009


picture from Country Living

These flowers are for Paloma from La Dolce Vita as a big fat Thank You!! Why? Well, one, I love her blog and two, I won the CSN Rug Giveaway!!

Yes, this is the fabulous rug that I won. I am so excited!! The colors and design are fabulous and you know how I feel about it! I told Paloma this is the first thing I have won since bingo when I was 10..I've had a dry spell.

Please check out Paloma's blog La Dolce Vita here and more from CSN rugs here.

Thanks again!!

The Mail Man

The mail man was a very good boy yesterday. He brought me a package from Amazon. Inside were two books I had been waiting for. Is there anything better than turning the pages of a brand new book?

picture from Style court

I saw Zoologique on Style Court and knew I had to have it.
I loved the big, bold drawings and bright colors.
It is a giant over sized book and is even better in person.

picture from Style court

I may take a couple of pages out to hang in Butterball's room.
Maybe paint a whimsical frame on a canvas and then decoupage the print inside. Each page would be on it's own canvas hung side by side. Just a thought.

Of course I had to get my own copy of Downtown Chic.
This is a must for your collection of decorating books. I love how they mix thrift store finds with fine furnishings and also make their homes livable for their 6 kids. This is one I will look at again and again.

Lucky me, I have a dear friend in Nashville and an Aunt in Mississippi who send me lists of good books to read. Right now I am reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows. I am really enjoying it and can't wait to see what happens.

And my favorite, The Help by by Kathryn Stockett. I loved, loved, loved this book. In a nut shell it is about the civil rights movement in Mississippi in the 60's. But it also about so much more. I wonder if I liked it so much because growing up on the south I could recognize so many of the characters in the book. I know people like that today. The good and the bad. I wonder if it has the same meaning to readers who didn't grow up in Dixie. Has anyone else read it? Have you read a great book lately?

Grab a good book and have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lili Abir Regen

A while back I came across the name Lili Abir Regen while reading Desire to Inspire. I jotted the name down in my blog book (you know, the nerdy notebook where you keep ideas, drawings, fabric scraps etc. I call it nerdy, but I love it dearly) and recently decided to look her up. I am most impressed!

Lili Abir Regen is a prop stylist and set designer.
It's her job to make the rooms or products being photographed look their best. She buys the tablecloths, the silverware, the flowers, etc. that make a room pop. You know when you see the perfect pair of shoes by a bed or a throw draped across a chair? Yep, that's the stylist.

I'm sure you recognize the red target in the right hand corner.

Simple but perfect.

I don't need more stuff. I just need better stuff.

I know I have seen this before. Does anyone else recognize it?

What's not too love?

Oh, how I wish Lili Abir Regen would come to my house with her bag of tricks and style my rooms!! I promise I would keep them clean and everything in its place. At least for the first week. You know, that's what I think a lot of us need. Just someone to come in and dot the I's and cross the T's. Or in my case pick the fabric for the pillows, find and hang artwork, and accessorize. Is that really asking too much?

Want to see more? Click here.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I did come home from Scott's empty handed, but that doesn't mean I'm not getting anything. No sir! My mother-in-law bought my birthday present while we were there. This super cool necklace.

Isn't it great? A friend of Gail's, Lisa Burnett, makes them from vintage cow tags she gets in Texas. Pretty creative don't you think? I've always liked the western look. I can't wait to get it!!
I think it's going to be one of those pieces I can also use as a decorative accessory, maybe draped over a stack of books or hanging on the back of a chair. Just a fun conversation piece whether on my body or in my home!

If you are interested in one you can e-mail Lisa at

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

Hope everyone had a great Father's Day. You know we can't have a holiday around here without some T.V. nostalgia so here's a quiz. Which T.V. dad's style do you relate to?

picture from Image Source

1. Ward Clever: "Leave it to Beaver"
Style: Traditional

picture from Michael Smith

I wouldn't mind getting a lecture if it was in this room.

picture from T.V. Guide

2. Mike Brady: "The Brady Bunch"
Style: Contemporary

picture from Shamir Shah

If only Greg's room in the attic looked like this!

picture from Orcutt

3. Charles Ingalls: "Little House on the Prairie"

Style: Rustic

picture from Domino

Could someone call Half-Pint for dinner?
I'm not usually into the rustic look but this room is fabulous!

So, which one are you?

Friday, June 19, 2009

TGIF Part 4

I am on the road again today, meeting my sister in Columbia S.C. to exchange the cousins. I am so excited to see Butterball and Doodle. It has been 5 days and I can't wait to get me hands on them!! Anyone who has made that drive will know I have lots of excitement to look forward to: Stuckey's, South of the Border, the Cracker Barrel at Bush River Road. Whoever said I don't live an exciting life doesn't know squat. Before I left I collected a few pictures that made me happy while blog browsing this week....

picture from Smitten Design

If only I looked that cute and hip while I hitchhiked!
I wish I could see her sandals better.

picture from My Favorite and My Best

Don't you love a good coffee table?
Unusual arrangement of flowers, but it works.
Are those moths in that artwork?

Paul Costello: picture from Smitten Design

Good God that door knob!! Love it!

Palmer Weiss: picture from Shelter

Love the pink chair with the yellow banding and the mirrored cabinet and what I can see of the bed in the reflection. I wish I could see the rest of this room.

picture from All the Best

This is a picture of Charlotte Moss' desk.
Wouldn't you know her desk/office would be fabulous and stylish?

picture from Lily G

This little cottage is perfection.
If I were Goldilocks, I would live here.

While the mice are away the cats will play.
My husband and I snuck down to the beach for dinner Wednesday night and it was perfect. I didn't have to wipe one face, cut up any chicken fingers or referee a single fight!!

It was fun while it lasted, but I am ready for my other two babies (well, an 18 month old and a nine year old but they are still my babies) to come home!!

Have a great weekend!!

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