Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Going Once, Going Twice...

Have you ever been to an auction? Well, I hadn't until this past weekend. I kept hearing about the great deals at Big South Auction and Antiques and decided to check it out. It was so much fun and I can't wait to go back and actually buy something. Sunday was a learning experience, but now I am good to go!

John Ward used to own a great store in Wilmington, Reynolds and Wales, where I bought several pieces of furniture I love. Recently he has turned his store into an auction house with a live auction every 2 weeks. He has furniture and accessories from estates as well as homes in bankruptcy. It is a mixed bag of treasures and you never know what will be coming in next.

O.K. the print is not my taste but I thought the mirror frame would be great with a different piece of art.

I considered this for Butterball's room but couldn't make up my mind...surprising.

Loved these twin beds.

Great for a boy's room or den.

All these need are a paint job and new fabric... I wish I could tell you what more of these items sold for, but I couldn't stay long. Although I was having a ball I had three kids waiting to go to the pool.

I can tell you this lamp sold for $40. Not a great picture and it is not everyone's style, a little Liberace, but it sure would make a statement.

This bow front chest was great looking and sold for only $700!! I was tempted, but I didn't need it, so some other lucky buyer got it.

Off to one side was all the loot for another auction coming up.

Don't you love that giant (and it is giant) turquoise door? I think all this is from a house at the beach. I could peek in the corner and see some really interesting things. Can't wait for the next auction, now that I know the lingo and what is going on. For example, I now know not to jump up screaming "Oh, that's so cute!! I want it!! I want it!!" No matter what your age it is important to grow and learn.

If you live in Wilmington, N.C. or anywhere close by, you have got to stop by Big South Auctions and Antiques. Tell John I sent you. More info here.
Just don't bid against me!


  1. i love that door!! i've never been to an auction but i would probably have one of two reactions: a) I'd get nervous and not bid on anything
    b) I'd get nervous and bid on everything and blow through my life savings on junk I don't want/need.

  2. i've never been... would love to go to an auction someday! Love those chairs!

  3. That antique boat is fabulous. I've been to find one that I can afford so that I can put it in my son's room.

  4. I love auctions, its so much fun to see what things go for and what kinds of things people buy. My favorite one was a jewelry auction that my mom went for, we had so much fun looking at all the pretty, and also REALLY ugly things.

  5. I lived at them for all my antique years & my best advice is to preview, choose the items you really want, decide you're limit & STICK to it. I've seen many regrettful winners all because they got caught up in the moment. Once he starts the bidding..forget love & think business.
    Good luck & have fun!!!!


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